Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Taiwan 8D7N Free & Easy Tour - FengJia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

If you are staying in Taichung, then you cannot miss going to Feng Jia/Feng Chia (逢甲夜市) night market. It is one of the largest and most popular night markets in Taiwan. Warning : You definitely need to empty your stomach and set aside some time to walk through the entire night market.

After admiring the beautiful sunset at Gaomei Wetlands, our driver drove us to FengJia Night Market. It was already bustling with crowd at 6.30pm hence parents do keep a look out of your little ones.

FengJia Night Market is located near Feng Jia University. Hence apart from yummy-licious local street food, it is also a shopping heaven where you can find trendy and great shopping deals.

Spanning across a few streets and into the alleys, you can satisfy your shopping desires and tummy at an affordable price at Feng Jia Night Market.

Food stalls lined up at both sides of the street and we were overwhelmed with choices. To make our selection easier, we decided to go for the food stalls with longer queues and local street food that is appealing to us.

We spotted the renowned nitrogen snack ball (aka Dragon's Breath) in Taiwan. Though I was a little skeptical on the safety then, we were thankful not to get any frost bite by listening to the instructions on how to consume it carefully.

Crispy biscuits and balls are tossed in liquid nitrogen. When customer consume the dessert, liquid nitrogen creates the effect of smoke coming out of the mouth and nose. Out of curiosity, we bought a cup just to try.

Honestly speaking, it does not taste fantastic, but I guess it was fun seeing the smoke emitting from the mouth.

I guess if you see a long queue that signifies that the food should be rather tasty or popular. We strategically have hubby queue for this 按摩雞排 (Aka massage chicken) which is very famous in Feng Jia Night Market. Unlike the other chicken cutlets, the meat is not coated with flour before deep frying. Also, as the name suggest, the chicken meat undergoes a massage process to make it more soft and tender. After deep frying, it is then charcoal grilled.

We bought 2 boxes to try and the meat is tender and juicy. It feels less oily and because no flour is coated, hence you get to taste the true flavour of the entire chicken meat. It is nice to savour especially on a cold night. 

Just a few stalls away, we spotted another long queue forming and this time I took on the line while the children went ahead to check out what is causing the craze. It turns out that I was queuing for Aniki Poteto (老大薯條). Known to be the longest french fries (about 30cm) in the world,  you can choose different sauce to go with the fries. (Seaweed, Thai Sauce, Caesar Salad, Wasabi, Honey mustard, Thousand island dressing, Ketchup, Spiced salt)

We picked the wasabi flavour and its really shiok to eat the super long fries as we continue our walk to find more food.

Another must eat at FengJia Night Market is Mr.Bolo (菠羅先生)Bolo bao (菠羅包) is very common in Hong Kong but the owner of this shop at FengJia Night Market has perfect the making of the buns and its very popular. Place your order and prepare to wait patiently for your buns to be ready.

You can choose to order the buns only or go for their bun + milk tea set. There is a variety of selection on the menu and we could not decide what to pick! Finally, we had the original butter slice, cheese and chocolate butter flavour. The buns tasted SOOOOoooo good that we wished we had ordered more! This is definitely my favourite and must eat at Fengjia.

Smelly toufu is pretty common in Taiwan night markets and our girl loves it a lot. She always ask us to get her a packet when we spotted one. 

Stalls selling stir fry meat can be seen at many places and we also orderd one packet to try.

Another long line of crowd queuing for sweet potato balls (地瓜球). How can we miss it and there we go again, getting ourselves more snacks to bring back to the hotel.  

Papaya milk shake is one of the popular drink in Taiwan, hence we have to order the beverage to check it off our to-drink list. Apart from their signature drink, City Milk also has yogurt series, juice and healthy drinks on the menu.

Besides finding good eats, Fengjia Night Market is also a great place to shop. 

There are so much more to explore in Fengjia but unfortunately we were pretty tired out after a full day tour around Taichung. Still, we managed to spend a good 3.5 hours at the night market before making our way back to 53 Hotel to call it off for the night.

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FengJia Night Market (逢甲夜市)
Location: Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan 
(across Wen Hua road, Fengjia Road, Fuxing Road and Xitun Road)
Date of visit: Nov 2016


--andy-- said...

Thank for the foodies tips, the 菠羅包 seems cool, and wow Gladys love smelly tofu?
We all "siam" from 50m away :p

cheers, Andy

Phoebe said...

I love the 菠羅包 (personal preference). :D You can try it when you are there. Gladys always love smelly tofu. We bought for her in JB and in Taiwan. hehehe

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