Saturday, October 7, 2017

[SG] Autumn Harvest @ Gardens by the Bay

Time flies and we are going into the final quarter of the year! Last month, we brought the children to the Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay to see the transformation of the flower field into rich hues of orange, red, gold and green for the "Autumn Harvest" floral display.

Stepping into the conservatory, we were welcomed by a bounteous land filled with pumpkins. This time, pumpkins took the center stage and there are more than 10 varieties of special pumpkins to see, such as the pristine white "Polar Bear', the pretty striped "Pump-Ke-Mon" and bizarre-looking "Red Warty Thing".

  For a moment we were wondering... are they real? Of course they are!

This curiously shaped pumpkin is known as Turban Squash. It got its name from its turban-like cap on top often striped in shades of green, white and orange, no two are the same, and is used as both a vegetable and a decorative gourd.

Remember the pumpkin coach for Cinderella? This is the type of pumpkin where Fairy-god mother cast the magic upon. 

'Kuncklehead' pumpkins - easily identified as they are covered with scabs or bumps

Even though the pumpkins seem to be the main attractions, do not miss out the beautiful Calluna surrounding them. Calluna vulgaris is a low-growing perennial shrub, commonly known as heather, traditionally used to make brooms. Interestingly, its name is derived from the Greek word kalluna meaning "to sweep".

Halloween is approaching and this section of the field fits the theme perfectly. Take a closer look and look at the beautifully decorated pumpkins. Not forgetting the scarecrow backdrop.

Among all the pumpkins, these are HUGE! Plus Yes, it is REAL! Dill's Atlantic Giant, Howard Dill, grew four consecutive world champion pumpkins from 1979 to 1982 and they spent 30 years cultivating these mammoths.

'Atlantic Giant'

This gigantic fruity-vege farmer is awesomely creative! We were naming the fruits/vegetable that are used to carve this masterpiece. 

Close up look at the face :)

 Spotted little elves by the pumpkin house. 

We may not experience four seasons in Singapore but it is nice to experience the harvesting season at the Flower Dome. Autumn Harvest exhibit is still on-going from now till end of this month.

Autumn Harvest
Date: 1 September - 29 October 2017
Time: 9am - 9pm
Location: Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
*Admission charge to conservatories applies

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