Sunday, July 10, 2016

Upside Down Warm House (倒反屋) @ Johor Bahru

Upside Down Warm House (倒反屋) - You may have seen their advertisement on television recently. The latest attraction in Johor Bahru, which opened in May 2016 is another wacky fun spot where families and friends can enjoy a memorable and sensational experience.

Located in Kulai, near to IOI Mall, Upside Down Warm House features 3D and 5D arts in a total upside down setting. Step into the 3-storey house and let your creativity and imagination flows when everything you see is flipped up.

It is pretty cool to see animals, cars, houses, furniture above your head. Suddenly, it seems our world has completely over turned. We have been to 3D Kuso Trick Art and Dark Art 3D Studio which offers 3D art experiences in its own unique way. Adding to our list is Upside Down Warm House which offers photo fun in a complete opposite direction.

Frankly speaking, we were feeling quite lost thinking how to pose with the art installations initially. After a few trials on our own, checking on the sample photos on display and seeking help from the friendly staff, we learnt some techniques and took many funny yet memorable photos together.

Upside Down Warm House looks just like our home, with living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet, laundry area and more... with the only exception that everything is flipped over. For the sake of photo taking, be prepared to be in any position. From lying down, kneeling, to sticking to the wall, or even jumping. Suggest everyone to wear comfortable clothing and maybe avoid dresses/skirts for ladies.

Living room - Everyone looks like astronauts in space all of a sudden 

Kitchen/Dining - awkward positions to be spotted in the kitchen. 

Hmmm.. What should I cook tonight?

Mom says we should help with the laundry, but we ended doing hand stand push ups on the poles instead. Look how strong we are!

Doing housework looks more fun here! Who has the easiest job!?

Something is wrong with the shower head.... Why no water?

Diving into the tub for a bath

Strange... nobody is on the bed when they are suppose to be.

 Stunts on the bed before bedtime!

Michael Jackson to be? Moonwalk on the ceiling....

Hello Kitty! Here I come!

This is how we fly on the hot air balloons

I am falling......

Do not miss the artworks along the stairways when you are moving up between levels. :)

Apart from the upside down effects, there are also other 3D artworks where you can capture beautiful photos with your love ones in a 'normal' setting.

Let's go! We are Finding Nemo! Uh.... Maybe Dory. :)

Waaa.. Don't eat me!

Hubby gets a kick from Kungfu Panda!

Who gets the last bite?

Thanks for sharing the coke. 

Different reactions with the encounter of the eagle. 

If you are planning to visit, do note that all visitors are required to wear socks prior to entry. Remember to bring along your pair or you can purchase one at RM2 per pair at the counter. It took us about 2 hours to explore all the 3 levels. Photo capturing opportunities are available at every corner, scenes and even the stairways. Release your imagination and energy and there are lots of fun and head cracking experience thinking how your photos will turn out to be once you flip it over.

More photos are available on BPDGTravels Facebook photo album.

Upside Down Warm House (倒反屋) - Rumah Terbalik
Address: 5019, Jalan Kenari 1, Bandar Putra, 81000 Kulai, Johor
GPS: 1.65071, 103.62640

Opening Hours
Open daily (including public holidays)
Time: 9am to 10pm
Entrance Fee
Adult : RM30
Child : RM20
Sock : RM2

When we are finding the location of Upside Down House, our GPS brought us to a different area. Apparently the google map is not updated and many has been leaded to the wrong location. Upside Down House is diagonally opposite of IOI Mall. At the road junction, you will see Metal House, and the shop is just along the road behind it.

Have Fun Posing!


Ashley Hong said...

hi, the entrance fee is for all 3 levels?
thank u

Phoebe said...

Hi Ashley,

Yes. the entrance fee entitles you to roam through the 3 levels . :)

Lee said...

Thank You for your blog. Would like to ask you about parking there.
Are there any parking lots there?

Thank YoU!

Phoebe said...

Dear Lee,

Yes. There are parking lots just outside Upside down house and along the shop houses stretch. :)

Anonymous said...


Is is wheelchair friendly? Any of the 3d art place wheelchair friendly?


Phoebe said...

Hi Tan,

It is 3 storey high hence I dont think it is wheelchair friendly to get to the upper level. Most of the 3D art place is also on the upper level hence it may not be convenient.

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