Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rock Climbing @ ROCKWORLD

As we explore deeper into Johor Bahru, we discovered more fun places. This time, our girl challenged and conquered the vertical walls.

ROCKWORLD is an indoor rock climbing gym catered for climbers of all levels. To begin, rock climbing is an interesting sport which comes with multiple benefits. It helps to boost self confidence and fighting spirit, increase attention and concentration, provides motivation to push your limit, sparks one's determination to succeed and sharpen physical and mental strength. Whether you are an amateur or professional, adult or child, here is the place where you can pick up new skills and push your limits to scale greater heights.

Climbing rates is really attractive as you only need to pay RM15 to climb the rock walls without any time limit! That's less than SGD6! Our feisty girl is most interested to take on the wall. However, due to a shortage of staff and manpower, Hubby has to take on the role of the belayer who will hold on to the rope securely, and applies tension to the rope in the belay device to stop the fall.

Belaying is crucial in ensuring the safety of the belayer and climber's safety. Sounds like a huge responsibility and I was a doubtful and worried if Hubby can take on the role safely and well!? Before Hubby can perform his task as the belayer, he has to go through the belay course which cost RM12. ROCKWORLD's staff spent about 15 minutes guiding Hubby how to tie a Figure 8 Follow-Through Knot. This is one of the strongest and most common knot for tying a climber and his harness.

Figure 8 Follow-Through Knot - Step by step demonstration by staff

Next, it's Hubby's turn to demonstrate to the staff how he ties the knot to ensure that he is doing it correctly. 

The second part of the course involves introduction to the belay device, how to belay and lower. It was an experience for Hubby and an eye-opener for all of us as we only see the fun part of the climber scaling up but neglected the important role of the belayers who need to be always alert, watchful and attentive to the climber so that the rope is allowed to feed smoothly when the climber is climbing or lowering. Trust must be established between the belayers and the climbers as the climbers' life depend on it!

Hubby passed the belay course and Gladys is ready to climb! First, we need to ensure our girl is properly attired. If you are planning to climb at ROCKWORLD, make sure you are dressed comfortably (avoid skirts/dresses). Bring your socks along or you can purchase a pair at the counter. Climbing shoes are provided and we did not pay additional fees for the footwear and rental of belay device.

Gladys was briefed by the staff on-site before Hubby tied the Firgure 8 knot for our girl and secured his belay device. Staff checked on the ropes before our girl is ready to climb! Although this is not the first time our girl is scaling the rock wall, it took her some time to reach the top. Many thanks to the staff who showered her with lots of encouragement and guidance. I think it is also important for the presence of the staff on-site supervising Hubby to ensure that safety is in place. 

Gladys' first attempt on the beginner wall took about 2 and a half minutes. However, it took her about 1 minute on her second try. Amazing isn't it!?

It was physically exhausting for Gladys but she conquered the 6m tall rock wall by herself! Kudos to Hubby who has been her partner and faithful belayer throughout, always keeping a watchful eye on Gladys. I am imagine how stressful I will be in his shoes!

Even though our older boy has no interest to climb, he stood along side with me as the role of a spectator and supporter.  

Yet another achievement unlocked for Gladys. Our girl plans to take on a higher rock wall (9m) on her next visit.

Apart from the top rope walls, there are also bouldering walls where climbers can practice their moves at a safe distance from the ground without the use of ropes and harnesses.

Situated in Setia Business Park 2, ROCKWORLD is not too far from Mount Austin. Staff has been really helpful and friendly and we will definitely be back again for another round of climb. However, do note that during our visit, an adult has to take on the role of the belayer and go through a belayer course. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, you may wish to check if they have belayer service (which I think may depend on the availability of staff).  

Address: Setia Business Park 2, No. 6, Jalan Perniagaan Setia 4 Taman Perniagaan Setia, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor
GPS: 1.579436, 103.729137

Operating Hours: 
Tuesday - Friday & Public Holidays (5pm - 11pm)
Saturday & Sunday (10am - 11pm)
Close on Mondays



Mezzo & Kene said...

Wow.. usually we go to jb to shop, eat and watch movies, cos it's so much cheaper! but it never occurr to me can bring the children there to have fun too!

Looks like we can do more day trips to maximise the fun on smaller budget! Thanks for sharing this rock climbing loan!

Unknown said...

Wow, rock climbing at JB, you are truly a JB guru! Kudos to you..

Unknown said...

Wow, rock climbing at JB!

Unknown said...

I used to do lots of rock climbing during the winter in Australia. It's a great workout for our arms and back!

Unknown said...

Ooo... I spy a cutesy rock wall that is suitable for my kids! Gladys is good! 1 min on the second try.. I don't think I even have the energy for a second try.. Lol!!

Shub said...

Wow! This looks a bit difficult but quite an adventure. Good to know that it's in JB itself. Will try out.

--andy-- said...

I am concerned that they indicate shortage of staff and ask hubby to be belayer.
Perhaps ok for shorter wall, but I will hesitate for higher walls.

Belayer is the only person between a climber and a fall, and someone should be supervising the belayer too (I hope).

cheers, Andy

Phoebe said...

There are some bits of fun in JB, the only 'problem' is there are not so close to the city and easier to get there by driving.

Phoebe said...

We love to go JB to shop, eat and watch movies too! Plus go for KTV! There are fun places spread across the town but need to drive there though..

Phoebe said...

I always admire those who can rock climb cos I can't! Definitely a good workout!

Phoebe said...

THere are shorter walls that do not require the rope to climb. I think the younger ones can try that but it is not a very big space. Personally I also don't think i can make it to the first 1 m. :p

Phoebe said...

Our girl seems to have lots of fun climbing. I always salute to her having the courage to try. But I must admit that I was also worried when Hubby has to be the belayer.

Phoebe said...

Before climb, they indicate that an adult has to be the belayer so its up to us if we want to give it a go. That is the downside of it. Luckily after Hubby went through the belayer course, there is a staff who supervise him. First timers usually go for the shorter walls and the staff ensure that the ropes are in order and tied properly before the climber climbs. He is also standing beside Hubby to ensure everything went ok for the first few climbs. Not sure if that's the same for everyone though. I would hope more staff will be hired so that they can help to ensure the safety.

Pooja Kawatra said...

THis must be really exciting and fun time which kids will enjoy, this kind of rock climbing gives them a feel of actually going for a climb.

Barry said...

Hi Andy,
I can help to be belayer for you and your children if we are going together :D

Unknown said...

JB is increasingly becoming more happening with new boutique hotels and recreational activities sprouting up! My daughter loves rock climbing too.

Ai Sakura said...

rock-climbing is super fun!! you guys are quite the JB experts now haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

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