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Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park @ Taman Mount Austin

More fun parks are sprouting in Johor Bahru and another to join in the competition is Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park which opens to the public on 19th December 2015.

Located near Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort, we were welcomed by the 3 storey high Adventure Rope Course at the entrance. The children awed in amazement and could not wait to check out what's within the new theme park.

As the name suggests, the park consist of a Water Park, and an Adventure Park. Currently, single park entry for adult is RM88, child (3 - 12 years old) is RM78. MyKad or MyKid holders get an additional RM10 discount. Pricing is pretty competitive and similar to Adventure Cove in Sentosa.

There is also Drift in Austin which is a mini drive course where you can experience drifting sensation on a smaller scale.

Let's take a tour around the park!

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park Map

Adventure Park

Are you game to beat the crowd to the challenging rope course activities? Before you can take on the ropes and do some monkey acts, do note that there are height, weight and age requirements to be fulfilled.

Minimum Age : 12 year old
Minimum Height : 1.4m
Weight Limit : 130kg

In addition, only fully covered shoes are allowed. Sandals, slippers, heels will not be permitted. Hence, ensure that you are properly attired before heading to the park.

We noticed there are 2 areas where the adventure rope course lies - one outside the entrance of the park (sheltered) and the other within the park (outdoor). Begin your course at Loop 1 to Discover and proceed to Loop 2 & 3 to Explore and Navigate. Loop 4 for the Challenger and hop on to Tarzan Swinger at Loop 5 & 6. Do a Big Zipper at Loop 7 to complete your course!

Both looked extremely challenging that will raise your adrenaline to the max! I can imagine screaming standing on top of the planks!

Sheltered Rope Course (Outside entrance of Park)

Outdoor Rope Course (Within the Park)

Drift in Austin

Beneath the sheltered adventure rope course is Drift in Austin. If you like to feel the drifting sensation, try out the Drift Cart which has a combination of the traditional go-kart but with an added twist - drifting capability. The obstacle course is also designed to have more curves and bends to allow drivers to feel the drift as they turn. Each ride is 15 minutes, but I'm hoping the timing could be longer though.

Admission Fee:
Per Ride : 15 minutes
Monday - Thursday : RM25
Friday - Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday, School Holiday : RM30

For more information and videos -

Water Park

It was a beautiful morning and we decided to dip ourselves in the pool at the Water Park!

Since we brought some clothing, towel as well as personal belonging, locker rental service is very handy for us to keep our items safely.

The lockers come in two sizes (Small - RM20 per day and Large for RM40 per day). The good thing is you can reopen your locker without additional payment.

Changing room is behind the locker area and we are ready to splash! Our first stop is the Wave Pool! With the weather getting hotter, the water felt extremely cooling. We soaked into the pool and let the waves pound onto our bodies. Shiok!

I always find Wave Pool therapeutic as we go with the flow of the waters and relax.

The children 'kindly' offered to take me on a float ride on the waves.

Lazy River - After spending a good half hour at the Wave Pool, We grabbed our float and go for the Lazy River. This is an exercise arena for us where we either walk with or against the flow around the river. Here, we have multiple races to see who is the fastest! Not forgetting splashing some water at each other to slow down your opponents.

Appearing a little drama and making funny faces as we go underneath the bridge. 


You can stop at any entrance/exit point along the Lazy River to try out the slides. Each is designed to suit different thrill takers. The kids and hubby went for the milder ones where they had a splashing good time zooming down the slides.

Gladys was also game enough to go with Hubby to try out the twirly slide while we waited at the exit point.

Alternatively, try out the SuperSurf and scream your way as you go on a downwards race with your buddies.

The younger ones are not forgotten and they can go for mini slides and bucket splash at SplashWorld. A playground where you can cool your thoughts with your tots. :)

Resting moments after hours of play. 

Feeling hungry? Grab a bite or drink at their in-house food court before going for another round of fun!

We had some coconut drinks before going for another splash.

Since it was the Christmas weekend during our visit, we were lucky to catch Flying Santa in action! Carrying his bag of presents and ringing his bell, Santa zipped down the zipline to spread some Christmas cheer. He also threw goodies to the crowd where everyone swarm in to catch!

We spent about 3 hours at the Water Park. The medium scale park offers fun for the family but I hope to see more milder rides particularly for those who do not take on the bigger slides.

It is also heartening to learn that there will be an exciting range of Sports and Leisure indoor fun within the new Sports & Leisure Park in the near future! Ice-skating rink and indoor trampoline centre (Jump Street) will also be opening their doors once renovation is complete.

More developments are going on and it will be another play zone for the locals and tourists in time to come.

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park 
Address: Jalan Mutiara Emas 8, Taman Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: 1.5600691,103.7749108

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Looks like fun! A pity that my little ones are so puny and probably would not be able to get on many of the rides! I think there are quite a lot of eateries nearby the place too right? :)

May said...

The drift is for children and adults? Most importantly, the water play area... what's the condition of the toilet hahah

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Looks like an adventure! This place is kinda like the place I would want to expose them to, but I need them to grow older and taller first! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful place... Will definitely head down when we get the time.

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Oh yes! Lots of good food around the area. And AEON Tebrau City is not too far away too.

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Children and adults can play. But for children there is a height limit which I forgot to take down.

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I would also love to expose my kids to challenge the height but probably need some time.

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Hopefully the indoor sports activities will be opened on your next visit.

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Me too! That's why we went for the Water Park.. the height scares me a lot :p

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I would have gone craaazy at this water + adventure park if I was younger. That rope course and the lazy river sounds awesome... Thanks for sharing this review. My family might consider going when my girl is older.

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Place looks amazing and surely kids will have a gala time going up an down on the slide and yes not forgetting about screaming. I think my little girl is small for these big slides.

Phoebe said...

it would be fun to go with friends too!

Phoebe said...

Hopefully then there will be more activities. A nice place to consider if you want to go for somewhere new and all under one roof

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Most of the time I need 2 doubles bed.

Phoebe said...

Hi, Thanks for following our post. We usually make enquiries on their room type, price and book directly with the hotel. Most hotels in JB has double beds (2 Queen etc) and at an affordable rate. So far the hotel rooms that we stayed in have 2 Queen beds and we rest comfortably. It all depends on which area in JB you are looking at and enquire.

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