Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Go-Kart Circuit at Permas Jaya

We have stayed at Permas Jaya on many occasions and have heard about Plentong Karting which is situated nearby. Finally got the opportunity to drive down to the circuit with Sengkang Babies during the June school holidays when we were both in Johor Bahru for a short staycation.

Driving along the dirt track was a little bumpy but still manageable. Thank goodness it was not the rainy season else I could imagine how muddy it may get. Otherwise, the view alongside is pretty scenic.

A point to note is this is not the bumper car ride that you would expect to see in the carnival like Uncle Ringo. Many go-kart goers came not only to experience the joy of speed around the track but also to train. Pricing are based on 10 minutes charge and it varies by the levels and horse power of the cars.

Check out the go-karts! The children and I (who don't have a license to drive) am really excited about hopping in and ride along the track! Initially, I was a little concern if it was safe for the kids to drive as we are talking about potentially more than 40km/h! Not forgetting there may be other go-karters going at full speed. The staff on site assessed our children's age and height before giving the green light. Since Gladys is younger, her kart will have a rope attached to another go-kart driven by an experienced driver who will be following her behind.

Safety first and helmet is a must for all go-karters.

Gladys hopped into her go-kart with the staff checking her seat belt and explaining to her the basic safety rules, flagging signals and location of the brake and accelerator.  Can you see the rope sticking out? That will be attached to another go-kart.

Denver is all set for the ride! Feeling a bit nervous though. 

For myself, it was a golden opportunity to finally have a taste of riding on the 'road' without a license. How will I fare?

Victory sign before driving off! It's fun to have a group of friends following you on the track. 

A glimpse of the circuit. Apart from the straight roads, there are also many bends that we have to be cautious of.

Beginner level for children - If you drive steadily and safely consistently, the staff will release the rope.

If you made a wrong turn or mistake, there will be an experienced staff following you around the circuit to give you guidance. Our boy turned too fast where he had to reverse, make a u-turn to get back on track again. I sped off slowly before gradually increasing speed after I am comfortable with the circuit. It felt scary as first but stepping on the accelerator and feeling the speed lifting me off was heart thumping. Our girl started off well steadily and completed her rounds. The rope attached to her kart was eventually released seeing that she was able to exercise control on her vehicle.

We completed our rounds and parked our karts but the children requested for more!! I believe the adrenalin rush filled their minds and we had to say yes for another round!

After the first test drive, Denver gained more confidence and gradually picked up speed. Our girl on the other hand, ended up being the dare devil, losing control of her kart and hitting the barriers a couple of times. For safety reasons, she was taken off the track.

On the whole, we had a brief moment experiencing and imagining how it might feel like being a Formula One driver like Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. Go-Karting is definitely one of the top activities our kiddos have enjoyed in Johor Bahru so far!

1) Safety comes first and helmets are provided on site. Make sure the children buckle their seat belts before racing off.
2) Dress comfortably with appropriate footwear. Skirts or dress are not recommended. While sandals seem alright, shoes would be a better option.
3) Check the weather and go early. With kids around, I feel it would be safer to drive on the circuit when the grounds is dry and best of all without the crowd.
4) This activity is not suitable for any child that is too young. Explain to emphasize that safety is utmost concern and do not go at high speed if you are doing this for the first time.
5) Drive safely! Do not zig-zag on the track. Do not tail-gate and keep a safe distance from the other karts! I was driving leisurely and kept on the left lane most of the time.

Permas Go-Kart Club Sdn Bhd
Address: Lot 1195, Jalan Bunga Matahari, Taman Plentong Baru, 81750, Johor Bahru


Unknown said...

What an adrenalin filled activity for kids! Too bad mine are yeeeaaars away from being able to get into a GoKart.

Waiwai Leung said...

So fun! Is there any minimum age requirement? Think my son would love it, but not sure if his legs are long enough to reach the accelerator!

Adeline said...

This looks like a lot of fun! We saw the go-kart races at the Singapore Airlines Light Up the Night Carnival, and there was a long queue for that, so we didn't try it. I would love to try it one day, but without my kid though, because he's still so young (and short)!

Jolin said...

Go-kart!! My elder son loves driving on his car rideons. I guess he will be interested in this too. But that is still many years to go.

Phoebe said...

Am sure will have opportunity! It was a daring experience for us!

Phoebe said...

I think generally its 7 years and above. the seat is adjustable. But i guess the parent have to judge if they feel comfortable for 7 years to go in this professional sport activity

Phoebe said...

Didnt get to go for the Singapore Airlines Light Up Carnival. I would expect long queues since it is quite popular .. You should give it a try! its really fun!

Phoebe said...

Am sure he will love it when he grows older. Meanwhile, you can try it with your hubby! :D

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