Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Singapore's Old Playground - the Dove

Last weekend, there was a block party at Dakota Crescent to bid farewell to the old, cosy estate which were due for redevelopment. It was pouring when we arrived in the late afternoon. We waited until the rain stopped before walking to the Dove playground.

It sure brings back a good memories seeing the concrete slides and rubber tyre swings. As a child, I do not have many opportunities to play at the playground. However, whenever I do, I love to sit on the swing, climb up the steps and feel the heat as I slide down. 

Denver and Gladys had the opportunity to experience the playgrounds which were a part of their parents' childhood. They noticed the vast differences in terms of architecture as well as the materials adopted in construction.

The mosaic tilling is a significant image of Singapore's Old Playgrounds and will always remain a trademark.

It was a pity the unexpected downpour prevented the children a chance to play with the sand and playing with the slides. Nevertheless, they climbed up the narrow spiral stairways, making their way up to the top and have a feel of how it was like during our times.

The Dove playground is located near block 12, Dakota Crescent. I am hoping the playground can be preserved and not go into history with new developments on the way. Do catch a glimpse of it before it goes into the memory lane.

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