Thursday, April 24, 2014

~ NoQ store - Books at your fingertips ~

Whenever we bring our kids out to the malls, their favourite spot will be the bookstore or library. My older boy LOVES to read and he always find himself stuck into the pages of adventure books for hours. Gladys on the other hand prefers picture or joke books.

Hence, I was extremely thrilled when I was introduced to NoQ Store - a Singapore-based online bookstore with 14 million titles spanning across different genres, such as Fiction, Educational, Parenting, Children's, Crafts and more! 

A little background of NoQ - Founded in 2011 and part of Times Publishing Group, NoQ offers book lovers a new shopping experience to make purchases without the hassle of queuing; hence the name NoQ (No Queuing) 

Needless to say, when I shared with the kids that we will be picking up some books from NoQ Store, they were elated! There are lots of good reads suitable for young children, teenagers as well as adults. Books have been nicely categorized for easy browsing, hence it was a breeze for the children to search for their favourite books.  

Looking for a present? Feeling lost? Don't have a title in mind? Apart from the categories, NoQ has also spotlighted their bestsellers, new releases and promotional items to get you started.

Apart from the huge selection of books, I'm surprised to see NoQ also carries Textbooks, Assessment Books, magazines and stationery! Not a section that children will love but definitely helpful for parents.

Denver & Gladys did not take too long to decide for the books that they wanted as they already had something in mind. :) Searching via titles and keywords in the "Search ToolBar" was so easy even for my eight year old girl. 

I was only being called upon when they confirmed their orders. All I need to do is to ensure the kids did not exceed the budget that was allocated earlier, book titles and shipping details were correct and made payment. :) 

Now comes the crucial question - When will the books arrive?

Books will be delivered within 7 - 14 working days after order is placed. 
Free delivery (only in Singapore) for any order above SGD25

The kids started waiting in anticipation ever since,,,, Every other day, they will be asking me if the books will come today? When will it arrive? Has it been 14 days yet? As days past, they started to worry if the package will be lost in mail. 

Thank goodness the books arrived in good shape and nicely packaged! ^_^

Denver & Gladys with their new books! The kids chosen such interesting titles that even I was tempted to read. For now, I shall not deprive them of their privilege to finish the books first.

I love to see them indulging in their reading session. 

What's so cool about NoQ apart from its hassle free shopping and no queuing, is its attractive pricing. I found many titles that are selling at a cheaper rate as compared to those on the shelves. Books availability is at our fingertips and we do not have to search where they are placed physically at the bookstore or library. 

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