Sunday, October 14, 2012

~ Review - Pilot FriXion Clicker pens ~

Apart from spending time with my family and blogging, one of my other hobby is drawing. I enjoy scribbling with my pen or pencil on paper anytime anywhere. To satisfy my sketching experience, I love pens with vibrant ink colours and does not smear as I write.

Thanks to Pilot Pen Singapore, I'm glad to be able to review the improved version of the Pilot FriXion Clicker pens which comes in 7 colours. (Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and Black)

Our little princess was fast to spot the colourful kit as she too share the same joy in drawing. Her favourite colour is PINK of course!

The FriXion Clicker pens comes with erasable ink and a clicker with an easy sliding mechanism. All I need to do is click and write. If I made a mistake, the ink can be erased with the durable rubber stud at the end of the pen, and I can re-write again. The best part is the rubber stud also does not produce any rubber dust, making my desk clean and neat! I find this All in One feature really COOL and Convenient! 

*NOTE: With this erasable ink feature, do note that this pen is not suitable to use on legal or official documents and for our kiddos to use in the examinations. 

After testing the pens, I enjoy the smoothness as the ink imprint on the paper. It does smear a little, but the ink dries up fast enough before it smudged. Colours are vibrant and I have a good grip on the pens. I like the fact that the ink does not seep through the page making it neat and clean. 

Not only are the Pilot FriXion pens suitable for writing, it can also be used to do fine sketches as well. I have used all the 7 coloured pens in my drawing and the best thing is I do not have to worry about making mistakes during sketching. ^_^ The pens seem to go pretty well with colour pencils and its good to do fine and detail outlining.

 UP FOR GRABS Before It's All Gone! 
I drew our favourite cuisine - SUSHI and our kiddos thought it looked very real! ^_^ They started complaining that I "open" their appetite for supper. If only those are real sushi right now!

Gladys looks desperately hungry. :)

I had a fun time drawing and the kids enjoyed posing and imagining their supper. Now our kiddos got more "excuses" to use the Pilot FriXion Pens for drawing. :)

Disclosure: Sponsored Review - All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. Penmanship Salvation Kit was provided by Pilot Pen Singapore.

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