Friday, April 1, 2011

~ Cycling & Mangrove Forest @ Pasir Ris Park ~

Last month, we took the children to Pasir Ris Park to cycle. Denver is able to bicycle comfortably and so we rented 4 bikes from Rent-a-Bike Kiosk. Cycling in the park is definitely more exciting and interesting than cycling around the void decks. :)

It was a rather cooling Saturday afternoon and we had almost 2 hours of ride making small rounds around the park.

Halfway through our ride, we took a rest and visited the 6-ha Mangrove Forest. No cycling is allowed within the forest and so we got off our bikes and walked along the broadwalks.

Map of the Mangrove Forest

Interesting fun facts to read at the various observatory stations. Good exposure for everyone. :)

Hear the sounds of the crickets. We were also lucky to spot some crabs along the way.

Climb up the 3 storey high tower for bird watching.

It is good to take a look or print a copy of the park's trail guide before visiting -

There are other different areas within the park to explore and we will be coming back to cycle again. :)

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