Monday, December 6, 2010

~ Moments @ SAF Changi Chalet - Day 1 ~

Bbil's and our family were staying at the SAF chalet (seaview resort) in Changi over the weekend. The children are so excited and extremely awed when we arrived. The surroundings are so beautiful and the renovated rooms and facilities within the chalet is neat and tidy. Royston wished that he can stay here forever while Gladys calls it her home. :)

Each chalet unit has been named and numbered according to the 12 horoscope (by month) with different colour theme. We were staying at the Gemini unit which is purple colour scheme. The Cancer unit is Red and there are also Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue theme for the other horoscopes.

There is only 1 carpark lot for each unit and hence hubby has to park his car elsewhere and walk back to the chalet.We also spotted a small function room - Changi Haven with 2 BBQ pits and some seatings outside. This is probably for small events or functions for those who are not staying in the chalet.

Denver & Gladys posing with the Moo Moo and Christmas tree.

The entire furnishing within the chalet is simple, trendy and comfty. Since our unit is the purple theme, parts of the walls and ceiling are painted purple. Even the bathroom mats, bedsheets are also purple in colour. :)

Basically we have all we need within the unit for our weekend stay. Mahjong table, chairs, kitchen utensils, pots, cooker, microwave oven etc. There is even a BBQ equipment if it rains.

We check-in at around 3pm and moved all our stuff in. The children had fun day and night eating, drinking, playing and running while I pretty much enjoyed the seaview and it's cooling breeze. It started to rain very heavily in the late afternoon and we hence we didn't get have any outdoor activities on our first day.

Dinner was at Nihon Kumura at Downtown East and we drove back to the chalet shortly. It was a cooling night and the rain has stopped. The kids were only keen to stay-in and play games or watch TV programs. Hence, hubby and I had some time walking by the coastal path along the beach. I am enjoying the time away from work and loving the peace and quiet moments for now. Full day events on Day 2 & 3. ^_^


princess of angel said...

Hi, may i know how did you book this chalet? I'm interested to hold my birthday celebration there, and have friends who are in NS. Thus, am curious is normal NS man eligible to ballot for this?
and what is the rate for a simple 3-day-2-night stay?

If possible, can you give me more details and reply me to y email,

thanks alot. =))

Shermin Tay said...

can could you give me the official website to give the place? i tried to search but was directed to changi chalet which is far from this. :( thank you!


Unknown said...
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Phoebe said...

Jeline, if you wish to book the chalet, it has to be via SAF personnel and the demand is very high.

expert in SEM Singapore said...

ya you need to be a SAF personnel and need to book very early

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