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~ Past Holiday Experiences 2 - Muar-Malacca Dec 2004 ~

I vaguely remember my inlaws, Jasper, uncle's family and us drove 2 cars down on our 2 days 1 night trip to Muar-Malacca.

Date: 17th December - 18th December 2004
Location: Muar, Malacca

We begin with our search of a famous temple 南亭寺(善才爷庙) in Muar which I believe will bring wealth.
坐落于麻坡峇力温那 (Parit Unas)。传说在
五一三事件中,华人被马来人追赶到此庙。由于神明护体,马来人因此无法伤極华人。从此受到人们敬拜。 此庙创办人,拿督许天平是前柔佛苏丹干儿子。在善才爷诞时有许多本地与海外人世到此祭拜。平时也香火顶盛。

Along our drive down, we saw some monkeys along the road side and also got lost for quite awhile as Hubby had a difficult time locating the temple. Asking for location was not an easy task too.. We finally found it and had prayers inside the temple. It was a worthwhile attempt as Hubby did had some wealth on returning home. :D Lucky
We drove up to Malacca and check-in to Mahkota Hotel. ( Then we drove out again to tour round the streets of Malacca. :) Not forgetting to try the famous Chicken Rice Ball! (Although I still prefer the normal chix rice).
Mahkota Hotel has a pretty neat pool and the children had a dip in the waters upon returning to the hotel.
We stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment and the price is very affordable. It is very spacious with a living room and kitchen area. The location is very convenient as well with Mahkota Parade nearby and within walking distance to various historical places of interest.

The only down side is the room is pretty old and a bit dusty. However, I love the view from the balcony! Imagine waking up to see the sunrise!

We had our breakfast at the hotel, check-out and drove down to 宝山亭.


Before leaving Malacca, we stopped by "Zoo Melaka"-2nd largest zoo in Malaysia. (
The older children had a chance with the Horse Rides. :)

Dinner was stopping by a resturant near JB before heading back to Singapore. A Quick Weekend getaway (^_^)

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