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Taiwan Trip Day 11 - Kaohsiung (高雄) | Taroko Park (大鲁阁草衙道) | FE21 Megal Mall (高雄大遠百)

11 December 2018

1) FE21 Megal Mall (高雄大遠百)
2) Taroko Park (大鲁阁草衙道) 

9:50am - Our final day in Kaohsiung before we travel up to Taipei. We have traveled to many places over the past 2 days and decided to go slow today to check out the shopping malls.

FE21' is located at the heart of Sanduo shopping district, one of Kaohsiung's top shopping zone where you can find Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Pacific SOGO in the area as well. Take metro to R8 Sanduo Shopping District and you can check out the mall with a whopping 17 floors above ground and 5 basement levels. FE21' also has stores in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and other areas as well.

85 Sky Tower is also within walking distance from Sanduo shopping district and you can have a panoramic view of Kaohsiung city after shopping.

Ironically, we did not come here to shop but rather to catch the first movie of the day. Apart from experiencing the local culture, food and heritage, we also do what the locals enjoy doing - catching a movie at the cinema.

Vieshow Cinema (威秀影城) is located on the 13 - 16 floor of the mall

They have combo package for tickets and popcorn with drinks. We paid NT1316 (~SGD60) for 4 movie tickets and popcorn with drinks.

130pm - After the movie, we took the metro down to R4A - Caoya Station to Taroko Park (大鲁阁草衙道). Taroko Park was opened in 2016, occupying 8.7 hectares with shopping, fitness, entertainment, dining, theme park all house under one roof. Taiwan's first sports-theme park is suitable for families and travelers can do their last minute shopping as the mall is only one metro station away from Kaohsiung International Airport!

Upon reaching Taroko Park's main square, the beautiful carousel in front of the water fountain is the centerpiece of the mall. It look exceptionally beautiful when night falls and the lights on where you get a gorgeous reflection from the waters.

Taroko Park is divided into 2 sides (East & West) with the west section smaller than east zone. You can check out the floor directory below. Over a quarter of the retail shops are sports-related so if you are interested to get sports wear, here is the place for you.

EAST MALL Floor Guide

WEST MALL Floor Guide

2pm: Not sure if it was because we came on a weekday and there aren't many people at the mall. That is good for us as we do not fancy crowds and quickly settle our lunch at the food court on the 3rd floor. 

Taroko Park is also the first shopping mall with complete sports facilities within - Baseball and softball fields, basketball court, running tracks and more! You can find Trampoline Park and Bowling Alley at level 2 (WEST) and mini-golf course, skate zone, baseball center with pitching cages (EAST)

Ambassador (國賓影城) movie theater at Level 3 (EAST)


Suzuka Circuit Park, at the northern top of the East and West Malls, is the main highlight of the park. Named after the scale down version of the renowned F1 circuit in Suzuka, Japan.

The biggest feature of Taroko Park is the exclusive overseas authorization of the Suzuka Circuit. The 8-shaped three-dimensional track is reduced in proportion and completely copied to create a realistic professional-grade kart track. It is 600 meters long with cross tunnel, S-bend allowing karting fans to enjoy high-speed racing.

For more information, visit

I wanted the kiddos to try but they aren't that keen and we gave it a miss. :(

There are also other fun activities at the theme park if you do not intend to go-kart. Families with younger children can go for kids biking, driving, ferris wheel and train rides. Older and more adventurous ones are not left out as there are thrill rides as well! Drop zone, drifts, air-racers and spinning thrill rides.

We gave all the rides a miss and head for Lazer War (WEST MALL) instead! There was a promotion on-going during our visit and we get to pay for 2 pax for 1 pax to pay for free! (NT250 per game). We definitely had lots of fun and the kids decided to go for round 2!

My boy is the top shooter!

I guess we are a peculiar family where we are not too into shopping. I love to look for creative items or stationary while our kids love to see anime related stuff/toys. Hence we often see ourselves walking into bookshops, stationery shops or toy retail shops.

Our boy found what he wanted to buy on this trip at Asia Goal which has lots of collectibles from FUNKO, TOYNAMI, NECA etc.  

Overwatch Funko Pop! Genji figure (which took awhile for him to find)

430pm - We slowed down and had a more leisure itinerary on our last day at Kaohsiung where we walked the least! A mix of shopping and entertainment in a day.

FE21 Megal Mall (高雄大遠百)
Address: 21 Sanduo 4 th Road Kaohsiung, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Taroko Park (大鲁阁草衙道) 
Address: No. 100, Zhongshan 4th Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City

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