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Taiwan Trip Day 11 - Kaohsiung (高雄) | Ruifeng Night Market (瑞丰夜市) | MONGA Fried Chicken (艋舺鸡排)

11 December 2018

Our final night at Kaohsiung and we decided to head to Ruifeng Night Market (瑞丰夜市) - one of the most popular and largest night markets in Kaohsiung. Spanning across 3,000 square meters, and more than 1,000 stalls, you can find a wide variety of local delights in the market which has 20-years of history. Apart from eateries, there are game stalls and stalls selling clothing and accessories.

How to get to Ruifeng Night Market
Take Metro line to R14 : Kaohsiung Arena Station (巨蛋站).
Take Exit 1 and Ruifeng Night Market is about 5 minutes walk away.

6pm: We arrived a little early before the crowd swam in from 8pm onwards, hence we did not feel the craze of the night market as many has shared. Think it will be good to feel the atmosphere at a later time if you are planning to visit as some of the vendors have not started business too.

Like other night markets, there are local favourites like crispy fried chicken, stinky toufu, bubble tea, papaya milk tea and more. 

We had our random eats and settle in for a sit-down meal at a stall selling hotpot and teppanyaki. 

Looks delicious but taste average. 

Spotted the famous Angel Fried Chicken stall and as expected, there is a LONG queue! We also joined in the crowd and queue for the crispy thick fried chicken. I am not a big fan of fried food, but the chicken is tender and crispy. No wonder it attracted so many supporters.

A cooling drink is a must after indulging in fried food! There are many drink stalls in the night market, and you just have to pick your favourite combi.

Stuffed chicken wing with rice (翅包饭)

Though my stomach is already feeling pretty full, but still cannot resist trying out the extra large Takoyaki balls! 章魚大丸仔 is an enlarge version of the traditional Japanese snack with lost of ingredients within! 

Hubby has heard a lot about Monga Fried Chicken - a well known brand created by Taiwanese artiste and comedian Nono. It has over 40 outlets in Taiwan with branches now in Malaysia and Singapore as well! Since we were in Taiwan, definitely cannot give this a miss. Plus there is an outlet just 10 minutes walk away from Ruifeng Night Market. Hence we made our way there and ordered chicken nuggets (NT70) and original flavour chicken fillet (NT75) to try.

艋舺鸡排 (裕诚店)

Even though there isn't a queue, we still need to wait a bit for our orders to be ready.

Monga Fried Chicken is a renowned street snack with its chicken fillet known to be thicker. Indeed the chicken fillet is juicy and tender covered with a crispy skin. The fillet is pretty big but it is a nice portion to share among the four of us. Even though I am not a fried chicken lover, this is a delectable snack. 

There are many great eats and shopping mall in the area. Apart from the food street at Ruifeng night market, there are also eateries in the surrounding area and restaurants at nearby shopping malls. If you are looking for buffet, you may want to check our dining experience at Habour Restaurant (漢來海港)

Ruifeng Night Market (瑞丰夜市)
Address: Yucheng Road & Nanping Road intersection, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City
Opening: Daily (Except Monday & Wednesday)

MONGA Chicken - 艋舺鸡排 (裕诚店)
Address: No.378, Yucheng Rd., Zuoying Dist., Kaohsiung City 813, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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