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Taiwan Trip Day 8 - Tainan (台南) | Flowers Night Market (花园夜市)

8 December 2018

Flowers Night Market (花园夜市) - the largest night market in Tainan opens on every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. When we stayed over in Tainan over the weekend, it was a nice distribution as we get to visit the top 2 night markets (Dadong & Flowers) on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Close to 400 stalls, Flowers Night Market is also one of the most well known in Taiwan. I realised the night markets in Tainan put up large flying banners/flags which feels like a food battle zone defining the vendors' location ('territory'). That definitely works to catch my attention. Like Dadong Night Market, Flowers Night Market also has zones for food, games, entertainment and fashion.

In terms of food selection, there are the local delights like stinky tofu, fried chicken chop. oyster omelet, grilled meat/seafood as well as other countries delicacies like Korean spicy rice cake, Japanese Sushi and Takoyaki,  and even Indian Teh Tarik.

We enjoyed the vibes of the local night markets. This is where we get closer to understanding their food culture and have an experience of the local taste preference. It was really crowded on a Saturday night and we can only inch our way through at some areas.

It started to rain shortly after we arrived at the market. The vendors were quick to put up their contingency plans and quickly open up the big umbrellas to provide shelter for their stall. 

We ordered beef soup (NT150) and I must say its very delicious! The broth is aromatic and the beef is tender. 

Moved on to another stall and ordered more beef! (NT110). Price of beef is more expensive but it is still worth to order a pack and savour the tender and juicy meat that was just nicely grilled.

Fried Chicken Chop is one of the top favourite food in all night markets in Taiwan. We definitely have to queue for one too seeing the crowd supporting the stall.

There are also some vendors who sell interesting and innovative food that we thought we will give it a try. This food vendor for example sells Takoyaki which has bigger octopus within (NT65). I find the meat a little tougher and took us a longer time to chew and swallow. Hence, I still prefer the usual Takoyaki which is easier for our jaws.

Another interesting find - assorted BBQ meat platter being roasted. We also bought some to try but I think the meat is a little too hard for my liking. Not sure if it has been roasted for too long...

Games and leisure zone - you can spot pinball games everywhere!

For about 1 hour plus walk, we had beef soup, beef cubes, pork, chicken chop, stinky toufu, takoyaki, roasted and BBQ pork. That adds up to about NT800 (~SGD36) which settled our dinner satisfactory.

Flowers Night Market (花园夜市)
Address: Section 3, Hai’an Rd., North Dist., Tainan City 704, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Opens every Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

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