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Taiwan Trip Day 7 - Tainan (台南) | Dadong Night Market (大东夜市)

7 December 2018

Our final destination to end our eventful Day 7 in Taiwan - Dadong Night Market (大东夜市). Staying in Tainan Fushin Hotel (台南富信大飯店) has been pleasant plus the hotel provide free shuttle (single trip) to the major night markets in Tainan (including Dadong).

Dadong Night Market is the second largest night market in the oldest city of Taiwan and it is open on every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. We visited on a Friday night and it was REALLY CROWDED but I love its vibrancy!

Tainan is a gourmet paradise, and visiting the night markets here is a must! The major highlight of Dadong night market is undoubtedly its wide variety of mouth-watering local delights in the open air night market. Here, you can truly experience the authentic local nightlife of the city.

We love to visit the night markets to settle our dinner and Dadong houses many mobile food stalls and you can find the usual night market staples here. Thanks to the open air concept, we do not feel too stuffy in the midst of the smoke and crowd.

What are our favourite eats at Dadong Night Market?

1. Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls (地瓜球)

This is probably one of the better sweet potato balls we had tried so far, plus I love the duo colours. One packet for only NT20 (less than SGD1) which is a lovely snack for children and adult.

2. Sausage with Sticky/Glutinous Rice (大肠包小肠)

Always wanted to try this as this is one of the top night market delight in Taiwan. The glutinous rice roll is sliced at the centre where a smaller slice of grilled Taiwan sausage is placed within. Usually it is topped with parsley, salted vegetables, peanut powder, and sauce.

3. Beef Steak/Cubes

I would say this is my favourite pick though it is a more expensive local delight. Depending on the portion of the cow, it can cost from about NT120 - 300. I don't mind savoring the sweet and juicy beef occasionally. It is pretty appetizing to see the beef cubes being grilled under the torched flame and the aroma is irresistible. 

4. Grilled Squid

Another grilled local delight not to be missed. 

5. Aborigine Slate BBQ (原住民石板烤肉)

There was a very long queue at this stall. We were curious and joined in the queue as well. Uncle was very busy grilling and slicing the meat.

Best to eat it when its hot, the roasted meat is so fragrant and we love the sweetness of the meat and sausage. 

6. Deep Fried Pork Ribs

Spotted another queue and went for it. Crispy pork ribs for all to share but we definitely need plenty of beverage after snacking.

There are definitely many more local delights than what we have highlighted - stinky toufu, rice cakes, oyster omelette, oyster mee sua, bubble tea, papaya milk and more.

Food aside, there are also many stalls selling clothes, accessories and interesting game booths which are part of the highlights in many night markets in Taiwan. Apart from the usual balloon shooting, ring tossing and pinball games, you can also sit in for a game of 2 players mahjong game! Families with little children sat around the the game stalls and have fun together.

Have an item that you fancy? There is also an outdoor auctioning stall where you can bid for your favourite item.

We spent about 2 hours at the night market and eat to our heart contents. There are many taxis near Dadong Night Market, and we easily hailed one and return back to Tainan Fushin Hotel which cost about NT130 (~SGD6)

Dadong Night Market (大东夜市)
Address: No. 276, Section 1, Linsen Rd, East District, Tainan City, 701 Taiwan
Opens every Monday, Tuesday and Fridays

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