Monday, October 3, 2022

Malaysia Family Trip - Day 1 (Singapore to Kuala Lumpur)

This is a pre-Covid trip that our family had in Dec 2019. Information may have changed but we will like to document our journey down for memories.


Day 1 (Singapore - Kuala Lumpur)

Bus Coach (SG to KL) - Breakfast @ RedDrip Baking Café (closed) - Batu Caves - Nasi Lemak Lunch @ Village Park Restaurant - Homestay (The Robertson) - Berjaya Times Square

We took a night ride from Singapore (~1130pm) and reached Kuala Lumpur - Berjaya Times Square in the early morning (before 5am)

11pm - Singapore

There are pros and cons on taking night rides. It is more time saving if we travel through the night but we had to deal with waiting upon arriving early. Thankfully, there is a breakfast spot nearby and we had an early breakfast at Hometown Hainan Bread & Egg while waiting for time to pass.

630am - Hometown Hainan Coffee

We took a grab to meet our friend at RedDrip Baking Café to catch up since it has been a long time since we last met. She also treated us to Round 2 of Breakfast :)

745am: RedDrip Baking Cafe

After a hearty and filling breakfast, we took another grab down to Batu Caves - a 400 million years old limestone hill which attracted many worshippers and tourists. Spent about 1 hour plus there including climbing the colourful rainbow stairways comprising of 272 steep steps that lead straight into the high caverns.

10am: Batu Caves

We took a grab back to RedDrip Cafe and was recommended by our friend to try the famous Nasi Lemak from Village Park Restaurant which is just a few shops down on the street. Indeed there is a long queue and Hubby join in the line while we waited outside. There is no way we can eat in the restaurant as the seats were all taken.

1150am: Village Park Restaurant

Super crowded!

As we were still quite full from our heavy breakfast, we bought a packet to try. Big crispy fried chicken was the main highlight. This packet cost (RM11.15)

We bid farewell to our friend and took a grab down to check-in to our homestay - The Robertson
Read more of our experience from the link. It has been a long day so far. We put down our luggage, rested for awhile and then went for a swim at the pool! 

2pm: Homestay @ The Robertson

From our homestay, we took a walk to Berjaya Times Square to window shop and immerse in the Christmas season. Thankfully our homestay is still within walkable distance to the shopping malls and food street in the heart of the city. 

430pm: Berjaya Times Square

Japanese meal at Sakura Sutori. There was a weekday promotion then and each rice/noodle set was from RM20 to RM45 which was pretty decent.

5pm: Sakura Sutori

Honestly, we are not shopping malls go-ers and did not spend a lot of time there. We found ourselves roaming on the streets pretty soon and landed ourselves at Jalan Alor - a famous food street in KL. Since we were already quite full, we decided to come back again another day.

630pm: Jalan Alor

Time to walk back to our homestay after a pretty long Day 1. I must say the view from the top of where we stayed is really pretty. Overlooking a gorgeous skyline of Kuala Lumpur. It is a pity we are only staying here for a night and heading on for more fun the following day.

7pm: Return to Homestay

Total Expenditure for Day 1 
Grab Fees: ~RM85
Food: ~RM265
Misc: ~RM50
Total: ~RM400

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