Friday, March 13, 2020

Kuala Lumpur Family Travel - Batu Caves

We have made our climb up to many Chinese temples.. but to a Hindu temple, this is our first! During our family trip to Kuala Lumpur last December, we visited BATU CAVES - a  400 million years old limestone hill which is located about 13km north of KL which attracted many worshippers and tourists.

Batu Caves comprises of three main caves and a few smaller ones. The main attraction is the Temple Cave (Cathedral Cave) where you need to make a steep climb up to reach. At the base of the hill are tow cave temples - Art Gallery Cave and Museum Cave. At the extreme left end is Ramayana Cave where another tall green statue - Hindu God Hanuman stood.

For first timers visiting Batu Caves, do scroll down to the end of the post on what you need to take note prior to visiting! 

At the entrance, we are captivated by the majestic golden statue of the Hindu God - Lord Murugan which stands at 140 feet tall, as well as the cave's colourful rainbow stairways comprising of 272 steep steps that lead straight into the high caverns. It was repainted in 2018 with the gradient hues which has make it into a popular instagrammable spot for photo-taking.

Slowly making our climb up the stairs which is very steep. However, I appreciate the colours that lighten my mood as we ascend. A lovely spot to take pictures too!

It was pretty tough already to make sure we do not miss our step but we were also faced with another challenge - the mischievous monkeys frolic around the stairways and inside the caves. The little ones are constantly hanging around looking out for food and waiting for opportunity for e a quick snatch. Hubby's hand was accidentally scratched by one of the monkeys as he was making his climb up as he did not notice there was one by the rails.

Nevertheless, we were rewarded by a stunning view from the top - panoramic view of the city skyline. 

Awed by the high vaulted ceiling!

Must take a family photo with the limestone ceiling!

Inside the cave lies two colourful Hindu shrines surrounded by the mystic glow on the walls and beneath the stalactites.

Another series of steep stairs at the back of the cave that lead to another paradise 

More monkeys are within the cave and you can see them jumping about on the limestone walls.

Love how the colours stretched from the stairways to the architecture 

We did not visit the other caves/temples as the weather was simply too hot.

Ramayana Cave - Hindu God Hanuman

It was our first time visiting Batu Caves and here are some pointers for you to note if you are first timers too!

1) Visit BATU CAVES Early in the Morning!
I thought we were early to arrive at 10am but the grab vehicle that took us was not able to drop us at the entrance as there was already a jam at the entrance! He had to alight us further down and we made our walk in. There was already a crowd at Batu Caves and I was overwhelmed by the HEAT from the sun which definitely did not make is any more pleasant for my climb up.

2) Dress Code!
Hubby and son went straight ahead to climb the steep stairs while Gladys and I were suddenly stopped at the entrance of the stairways! Not knowing whats wrong (as we do not understand what the locals were saying). Finally, we realised we were not in our proper attire!

For ladies, TAKE NOTE! Long dresses or pants for women who wish to make their way up the stairways.  For men, apparently shorts or pants are acceptable. As we were wearing shorts, Gladys and I rented the sarongs for a small fee and we were allowed to enter.

3) Watch Out for Monkeys!
Beware of the monkeys lurking at the stairways and in the cave.  Make sure you have no plastic bags of food with you and take care of your belongings.

Address: Batu Caves, Sri Subramaniam Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to get there
Taxi/Grab - We took a Grab as it is more economical and time saving for our family of four to fit into a vehicle compared to taking the public transport. 

Public Transport - Alternatively, you can take a train from KL Sentral to Batu Caves

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