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Taiwan Trip Day 14 - Taipei (台北) | Raohe Night Market (饶河街观光夜市)

14 December 2018

Raohe Night Market (饶河街观光夜市) - is one of the oldest and also popular night market in Taipei. Located right outside Songshan Station (Green Line), Exit 5, it is easily accessible via MRT. 

There is usually a crowd at Ciyou Temple (慈祐宮) which is at the eastern end of the market where you will find the famous Black Pepper Bun right at the entrance. November and December months in Taipei tends to be rainy and it was again another wet, drizzling night at the open air night market. Thankfully, that did not dampen our mood to check out what's installed within.

The 600 meter path stretches along Raohe Street and is not only packed with food stalls, but also filled with retail and entertainment. The single pedestrian path has stalls on both sides of the street and you can find a variety of food selections here.



Whenever we are at the night markets, stinky toufu is one of our top list as it is our daughter's favourite local delicacies. We have tried many stinky toufu and this is her FAVOURITE stall to date! Well, I can't explain why cos I am not a fan of the fermented toufu... but she will definitely come back for more if we are back at Raohe Night Market.

Voted Best Stinky Toufu in Taiwan (by our daughter)


There are many stalls in Taiwan famous for selling fried chicken steak (炸鸡排) - from Angel, Devil to Hot-Star, another one that has multiple outlets in Taiwan would be Monga Fried Chicken (艋舺雞排) - a brand co-owned by local artist, comedian and host NONO.

We tried the original flavour in Kaohsiung, near Ruifeng Night Market and decided to go for the seaweed flavour this time. Love the huge piece of thick juicy chicken meat with the crispy outer crust which is finger licking good!


I guess I cannot leave this one out the stall is right at the entrance of Raohe Night Market. Fu Zhou Shi Zu Pepper Bun (福州世祖胡椒) attracts locals and tourists to queue for its pepper buns without fail. You can find long queue cluttered at the entrance and we decided to join the line too to try out their pepper buns.

Workers are organised and working hard to keep out to the demand!

Each pepper bun is selling at NT50 (~SGD2.30) and it is filled with minced meat. If you like black peppery flavour, this would be the bun for you.


Occasionally we like to indulge ourselves with beef cubes or cheese chicken when we saw one. 

We LOVE dorayaki and will not miss having some! Plus we get to choose our favourite spread to go with our dorayaki! Definitely a treat from the fried and oily food once in a while.

There are also retail shops in the night market and we spotted FuFa - a local shoe brand which sells affordable and comfortable footwear.

There are actually many more food and drink stalls you can find in Raohe Night Market. I took a video of our walkthrough and even though the path is narrow, it was still a breeze to walk within the night market without feeling cramp. Though less touristy as compared to Shilin, I actually preferred the atmosphere here.

Raohe Night Market (饶河街观光夜市)
Address: Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

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