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Desaru Ostrich Farm @ Kota Tinggi [Johor]

We visited Desaru Ostrich Farm back when Denver was just a little boy. It was also our first road trip to Malaysia without GPS. As our children gradually grown up, we have been back to the Ostrich Farm a couple of times with the latest about 2 years ago.

Located in the southern part of Johor, Desaru Ostrich Farm is the largest ostrich farm in Malaysia with over 200 ostriches.  You can see young baby chicks to adult full size ostriches here.

Entrance Fee to the ostrich farm has been revised since 2018 and it is RM20 (Adult) and RM15 (Child). As you enter the farm, there will be a guide to bring you to see the young chicks and other ostrich of different ages, how they are breed, fed and sharing of interesting fun facts of the ostrich.

Young Ostrich

Most of the ostriches are fenced up and only some are roaming freely in the farm which allows visitors to get up close and take pictures with. If your children feel brave enough, they can also try riding on the ostrich.

Posing while standing on the ostrich eggs, the world's largest egg is one of the must-do at the farm. Do not worry about cracking the eggs as the egg shell is very thick and can withstand 130kg of weight. You actually need a drill to drill through the shell!

We have fed smaller animals before and the experience was wonderful. When it comes to feeding an ostrich that is bigger and taller than you up close, it do need some courage. We purchased bunches of vegetables and very soon the ostrich came over and started pulling and chewing on the green leaves.

We moved on to the fenced up area where most of the adult ostriches are.

We bought more vegetables to feed the ostriches.

Lunch time!

The ostriches stick their heads out and go for the vegetables very quickly. You have to hold on to the vegetables nicely.

Who looks hungrier? Which one should I feed...

It is fairly easy to identify the male apart from the female ostrich as male ostrich has beautiful black feathers while the female's feathers are greyish. We were advised by the guide not to frighten or provoke the animal as it can run at high speed and deliver dangerous and fatal kicks. 

At the end of the farm visit, there is a souvenir shop where you can purchase ostrich-related products like Ostrich egg shell lamp or Ostrich feather pen. We decided to have some food and drinks instead before journeying on.

Since we have traveled so far, it is a must to try the Ostrich meat and we had ostrich satay. Looks like beef when it was served and the meat is chewy. Even after marination, the ostrich meat still has a strong unique flavour. 

Ostrich Omelette - I am still not very used to the flavour of the ostrich egg but it is still a good try and experience.

Coconut drink to quench our thirst.

It was a fun day out and we love to bring our children to the farms and have interactions with the animals and be close to nature. 

Address: Jalan Telok Ramunia, Kampung Changi, 81600 Pengerang, Johor, Malaysia
GPS: 1.368874, 104.2393196

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