Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Sweet Delights at The Sunbird Cafe @ Johor Jaya - [JB]

Crossing the border to Johor Bahru always feel like a staycation for our family. We love to go food hunting and cafe hopping to relax our bodies, minds and tummies. On one of our trips, we found a delightful place where you can enjoy good homemade desserts and light meals.

The Sunbird Cafe is a hidden gem tucked quietly on the 2nd floor along the shophouses at Taman Johor Jaya. Do keep a look out for the signboard in order not to miss it, and it's truly worth climbing that flight of stairs up as surprises begin to unfold.

Stepping into the cafe, I love how the light colours and natural lighting blends in beautifully with the wooden furniture. Its simple decor with personal touches added to every corner and space, gave the cafe a cozy and homely feel.

We arrived early on a Sunday morning for our brunch, and am happy to spend some quiet moments before we drive home. Though the list on the menu is simple, I applaud the owners for the thoughtfulness they have put in to present each dish.

We had some drinks first before digging into our rice bowls and dessert.

 Earl Grey Milk Tea - RM 9

Korea AppleTea - RM9, Lemon Tea - RM8

Elderflower Lemonade - RM12
My personal favourite drink and it is refreshing and fizzy!

Rice Bowls from The Sunbird Cafe. Pretty filling and all of them are delicious!

"Cat Style" Fish Rice (猫饭) - RM19.90
Fragrant savory rice filled with chopped fish and topped with homemade cucumber pickles.

Chicken & Corn Rice (鸡吃玉米饭) - RM16.90
Nice choice for children who loves corn and chicken!

Spicy Thai Minced Pork Rice (泰式猪肉碎饭) - RM15.90
This reminds me of the spicy version of Taiwanese braised pork rice

Ah Sao's Pork Dumpling (阿嫂猪肉饺子) - RM12.90
Delicious plate of dumplings for all to share.

Apart from the list on the menu, do go forward to the dessert counter and check out the delicious dessert! One of them is Chendol Cheesecake! I like how our favourite local dessert is mixed with cheesecake. Sweetness from the gula melaka with bites of chendol within, combined with the richness of the cheese, give the overall taste, texture and flavour an added boost.

Matcha Cake - Hubby likes this too as it is not overly sweet and the texture is just nice.

I like the ambiance and food at The Sunbird Cafe. Would love to come back again for their cakes and dessert. 

The Sunbird Cafe
Address: 23-01, Jalan Ros Merah 2/8, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.532052, 103.793370

Visit Date: Jun 2018

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