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4th World Oyster Festival @ Greenwood Fish Market (Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove)

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Are you a big fan of oysters? Then you should not miss the 4th World Oyster Festival @ Greenwood Fish Market featuring oysters from around the world, from 1st July till 31 July 2016! This year, a selection of 20 different types of oysters, each with its own characteristics, unique cultivation methods, water conditions and different flavours are available to choose from.

Thanks to Greenwood Fish Market, we had the opportunity to drop by its outlet at Sentosa Cove for a delightful dinner date! Hubby and I love oysters. It is extremely satisfying and 'shiok' to slurp the raw oysters up, savour the taste in our mouth before washing them down the throat. Though we are not experts or equipped with the knowledge to differentiate them, it is simply heavenly to savour the delectable oysters.

Oyster Ceviche (Gillardeau Oysters) with a Soya & Ginger Broth and Oyster Natural (Senteniles Irish) are first to open our appetite for the night.

Surprisingly, Gladys also gave the oysters a go. Though she is unfamiliar with the unique taste, she bravely slurped half of the oysters down.

Delighted to see more assorted juicy oysters! The oysters are very fresh, with some more intense than others. Some are mildly salted, and some are meatier.

A close up on the oysters that we savoured.

Check out the variety of oysters on the menu. 

Apart from oysters, Greenwood Fish Market also has a variety of starters, soups, salads, sashimi, and mains on its menu. After a delightful oyster feast, we had our starters.

- Hot Smoked Salmon on Manouri & Honey Cheese Spread on Brioche Toast
- Hot Smoked Mackerel & Smashed Eggs with Avocado on Brioche Toast

I was expecting Hot Smoked Salmon to be the favourite pick as it is everyone's favourite. Surprisingly, we gave our vote to Hot Smoked Mackerel. Credit goes to the Avocado mix with Smashed Eggs that stole the limelight! I was a little surprise that even the children find the avocado tasty! The overall texture is creamier, and it has a more fragrant flavour that we could not resist the temptation of taking another one.

I always thought the dory fish fillet available at the supermarkets are authentic... but apparently we may not be getting the real stuff after all! You can tell the difference immediately after a bite into the John Dory fish from Jeju (Korea). Not only is it tastier, the meat is firmer and juicier.

Beneath the dory fish, is the bed of sea lavender, which is seasonal and not available on the menu all year round. Unlike spinach, sea lavender has longer and tougher leaf. It has a mild briny taste but pretty appetizing in my opinion.

Pan Seared John Dory on Sea lavender, with Truffle & Ponzu Butter Sauce

The craze for salted egg yolk has been going on for awhile and it is still going on strong. I am a big fan of salted egg since young and it is no surprise that I am bias with any dish coated with salted egg yolk!

Salted Egg Yoke Pasta with Prawn Stock & Sautéed Wild Prawns is my favourite pick even though Hubby finds it too sinful. Every strand of the pasta is nicely coated with the thick and creamy salted egg yolk which is lightly salted, rich and buttery. It is a nostalgic flavour that is infused into the western cuisine. This dish is extremely filling and best to savour it while it is still warm. 

Diners can check out the chefs at work behind the counters as Greenwood Fish Market adopts an open kitchen concept. Its new outlet at Quayside Isle is 4,100 sq ft which overlooks beautiful yachts and tranquil waterfront housing. It is not only a restaurant but also a retail fish market, bakery, sashimi counter and an oyster bar. They offer freshly baked European breads, 120 labels of unique wines that are rarely found in supermarkets and more.

Greenwood Fish Market first opened in the sleepy neighbourhood of Greenwood Avenue. Now with its latest outlet at Sentosa Cove, the restaurant has a cozy ambiance with comfortable seating, perfect for families or buddies who are on a night out for wine and dine.

Greenwood Fish Market

Quayside Isle Sentosa Cove Outlet
Address: Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove, 31 Ocean Way, #01-04/05, S098375

Greenwood Outlet
Address: No. 34 & 38, Greenwood Avenue, S289236

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