Friday, May 6, 2016

Kayaking and Dragon Boating @ PA Water Venture

Denver's first kayaking experience was back in 2014 - Families For Life Celebrations at the Sports Hub. I still recalled how upset Gladys was, not able to join her brother as she failed to meet the minimum age requirement. After reading Sengkangbabies' kayaking experience at Paddle Fest 2016, we very much wanted to bring our children to kayak again.

24 April 2016 - It was a fun-filled morning as public can join in the water sports try-outs for FREE at Passion Wave @ Marina Bay. Denver & Gladys were extremely excited as they put on their safety life vest and grabbed the kayak paddles, awaiting for further instructions.

The participants gathered and they were then grouped into pairs. 

Surprise surprise! Denver & Gladys got up close and greeted Minster Yaacob Ibrahim face to face.

The kayakers headed down to the platform and they are ready to hit the waters!

Group photo with Minster Yaacob.
Photo credit: PA Water Venture

Denver & Gladys got onto the kayak and they started paddling. :) 

The waters at Marina Bay is still and calm, plus you get to enjoy a beautiful scenic view of Singapore skyline as you kayak along the bay.

Since it was a try-out, they didn't get to kayak out too far and remained within the inner shoreline. It was a good experience and they get to go for many rounds since they was not a huge crowd waiting in line.

Spotted the children kayaking - so far so good :)

There were 3 free water sports try-outs where the participants need to sign in to register before participating. 

Kayaking - 2 to go
Dragon Boating - 8 to go
Bell Boating - 8 to go

We met up with Sengkangbabies, and Denver join them for second round of kayaking while Gladys went to join the other participants for Dragon Boating. Picking up a different paddle, Gladys followed a group of girls and instructor to the Dragonboat.

I must say Dragon Boating needed a lot of strength, discipline and teamwork. The instructor guided the children before leading them onto the boat.

How to use the paddle is also important and the girls had a trial before paddling their way out. 

A little dis-orientated at first but they got the hang of it and moved out smoothly.

It took them fifteen minutes and the girls got the hang of dragon boating already! To help them row the paddle in coordination, you can hear them counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5....  and they were in sync as they row the boat. So Proud of them!

Meanwhile, Denver, together with Andy and family were kayaking in the waters. Looks like everyone is having a great sporty time together!

Kayaking was the children's favourite pick as you have more control and freedom over the vessel. 

How fun was kayaking? You can tell from their faces :)  Do they want to try again!? Of course!! For as many times as they could!

PA Water Venture organises try-outs and courses and you can check-out their future activities on their Facebook page,

Wear light, comfortable clothing and footwear when you are going for the water sports. The weather is very cloudy that morning and we were blessed that the children did not have a sunburn after spending 2 hours in the outdoor.

Additional notes
- extra set of clothing to change (their clothing got all wet with the splashing)
- water bottle to keep everyone hydrated
- apply sunscreen lotion

Looking forward to join the next Kayaking experience. :)


--andy-- said...

Paddle up! for more Kayaking trips :)

cheers, Andy

Cynthia said...

Ah ha! I remember dragon boat guys as very muscular guys. Not easy but looks like your children had lots of fun!

coffeeandtoastmama said...

I only kayaked once in my entire life. Arms ached like for the sake of my boys, I will kayak again after reading this. :)


pc said...

This is so cool! Great fun, great view. Did you also join in the fun?

Phoebe said...

Yeah! Do let us know if you are going again.

Phoebe said...

I think the group of girls had a hard time paddling the dragon boat but they were great! They even did it consistently following the beat. Thumbs up!

Phoebe said...

I never kayak before... maybe i should overcome my fear for waters and try..

Phoebe said...

The children had so much fun!! I didn't join in cos I could not swim and I am a little fearful of the waters... Probably need an enclose area and more courage to do this.

Phoebe said...

The children had so much fun!! I didn't join in cos I could not swim and I am a little fearful of the waters... Probably need an enclose area and more courage to do this.

Unknown said...

My daughter Dana would love this, she kayaked in Sentosa with her Daddy last year and have been asking us to do it again. Thanks for sharing PA Water Venture's FB page!

Bumble Bee Mum said...

This is so fun! Hope it's still around when my kids are older!

Pooja Kawatra said...

This is so wonderful and can see how much kids have enjoyed kayaking. Will check the page to keep myself updated on these events.

Unknown said...

Such a brilliant idea for a family day out! I haven't been kayaking in Singapore waters since my secondary school days.

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