Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Collection of Marker Pens and Coloured Pencils

I have a craze for coloured pencils and marker pens. At times I wish I have the entire collection and spend my day doodling and colouring. Lately, I started building my pen collection after a couple of trips down to Popular. Friends have asked me which are my favourite and my current top picks are Zebra, Staedtler, Sharpie and Stabilo for marker pens and Faber Castell and Staedtler for coloured pencils.

I try to buy a variety of pens that comes with different tip material and tip size (fine, medium, broad) to suit my drawing needs. Stationery department within the bookstore became my favorite spot as I will spend the bulk of my time testing pens and checking out on promotional items.

Why is it important to test the pens? Although some marker pens have fine tips, it appears slightly thicker than the other brands. For example, Sharpie pens have a thicker and bolder line ink flowing from it's thin plastic nib and I like to use it for some of my doodling projects. Marker pens that does not smudge easily and comes in a variety of vibrant colours also earns my preference.

Additional bonus if the pens comes with a nice case to fit in. 

Faber Castell and Staedtler continues to be my favourite pick when it comes to buying coloured pencils. Not only are they affordable, the coloured pencils have a huge selection of rich colours and it doesn't break easily.

With a good collection of basic colours and pens, I have been carrying a set around with my sketch book in my bag. Doodling is an art therapy that not only comforts my mind but also brings me lots of happiness and satisfaction.

If you have any good recommendation of marker pens, do leave me a note and share with me!

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