Sunday, August 23, 2015

Doodling - Teacher's Day Card

Teacher's Day is around the corner and there are many gift ideas available in the market. As a parent myself, I would love to give credits to teachers who have been guiding my children patiently. To show our little appreciation, I doodled a Teacher's Day card where the children can complete it by colouring the cover.  

Simple print out the picture below and start colouring! The banner on the top left corner is left empty for the children to fill in their Teacher's name. Cut out the coloured artwork and paste it on another sheet of coloured paper of your choice. Decorate the card and write thank you messages for your teacher.  

Here's a look at our cards after colouring. I helped to stick it on a card stock paper and Gladys wrote her message at the back. A simple DIY Teacher's Day card for all.

How do you find my doodle and our DIY card? Do share with me and comment. ^_^

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