Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY Recycled Craft - From T-shirt to Tote Bag

Do you have any old T-shirts in the house? Don't throw them away as they can be transformed into a tote bag with a few simple cuttings. All you need is an old T-shirt and a sharp scissors.

Lay the T-shirt flat on the table.

Snipped off the seams along the sleeve, neckline  and the bottom of the T-shirt. If you wish to have a bigger opening for your bag and to sling on your shoulder, you may use a bowl or plate to draw out the outline on the T-shirt and cut along it.

Snipping off the bottom seam of the T-shirt. Keep the cut cloth strip as you can use it later to tie your tote bag.

Lay the T-shirt flat on the table. Depending on how big your T-shirt is and how deep you wish your tote bag to hold your items, measure and draw a line across the bottom of the T-shirt. Cut slits of about 2cm thick until it reached the line that you have drawn earlier. Do this across the bottom of the T-shirt. Once you completed the cutting, you will find fringes of cloth in pairs. 

Here's the difficult part. Hold a pair of the fringe (top and bottom) and tie a knot. Do this for the rest of the fringes. This can be a little confusing as you might miss a strand or pair.

When you completed the knots, here's how it look!

The cut strip of cloth that you have left earlier can be used to tie the sleeve and neckline together and you can hold it nicely. 

There can be many variations how you wish your tote bag to look like. Give it a try and it will be a fun activity to do it with your child too. 

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