Monday, August 17, 2015

50年 Eat Fresh, Eat Soft - Traditional Bread at Toa Payoh Central

While times have changed and we are able to afford and enjoy better things in life, there are certain taste and flavour that I reminisce. When I was a child, bread is a staple food that fills my tummy happily with content. Unlike the bread we have nowadays, the traditional loaves then were oven baked making it soft and fluffy. I recalled the uncle at the bakery slicing the charred skin of the bread using a long bread knife. Each loaf of bread was skillfully sliced into pieces evenly and packaged into a plastic bag. Unfortunately, there aren't many such traditional bakeries left in Singapore.

I was delighted to spot this bread shop selling traditional bread at Toa Payoh Central (beside 九鲜 - Nine Fresh). Despite the small shop space, queues can be seen during peak hours. You can choose from traditional bread (brown and colourful ones), milk bread, french loaf and buns. Each packet has 8 slices of bread.

Once you have selected your choice of bread, you can choose to purchase them plain - without any spread or top up a bit of money to have the entire loaf spreaded with your choice of spreads. The best part is you can pick 2 different spreads and mix and match! My personal favourite combination is Kaya with Butter while the children prefers Peanut Butter with Butter.

The friendly staff are pretty generous when spreading on the loaf and you can be assured to taste the spread with every single bite. Pricing is rather reasonable with traditional bread selling at $1.50 (without spread) and $2.80 (with spread)

Choice of spreads : Butter, Kaya, Pandan Kaya or Peanut Butter

A happy customer who will definitely come back for more!

50年 Eat Fresh, Eat Soft
Address: Blk 520, Lor 6 Toa Payoh, S310520

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