Tuesday, December 9, 2014

~ Our wishes for 2015 - Wishing Spheres ~

Every year, we will be looking out for the Wishing Spheres to pen down our wishes for the New Year. Although it's only 3 weeks away from the big countdown party, we are looking forward to welcome 2015 and the new challenges ahead!

The Year of the Goat is an important year for Denver as he sits for his PSLE examination. Scoring all A* will be on his top wish list! 加油!

Gladys' artistic sense is improving! Comparing with her previous writings on the spheres, this year she decided to be a little creative with her drawings. Our feisty girl feels shy about her messiness and even put - "PS - Do not laugh" :)  

With my recent 'craze' on doodling, I thought it will be perfect on the Wishing Sphere to mark the end of 2014 and Hello 2015

Doodling on a ball is not as easy as I thought. Nevertheless, I managed to complete it without hogging onto it for too long. While I was drawing, a sudden urge of doodling the entire ball came to my mind! It will be really nice to doodle the prominent landscape of Singapore on the Wishing Sphere! (That will take hours though!) ^_^

As we celebrate SG50, we hope every will have a Happy Year ahead. Happiness filled with good health, strong family bonding, wonderful friends and economical stability.

Big Hugs to all who has been following our blog and THANK YOU for the encouragement and support.  

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