Thursday, December 4, 2014

~ Heng Residence Bedroom Transformation - New Look, New Inspiration with Dulux (The Transformation) ~

It has been a month since we started our little colour journey to transform our bedroom. If you have been following us closely, we are about to show you what has been brewing in our bedroom for the past 2 weeks.

For those who just started reading our post, here's a quick recap.

Chapter 1 ~ The Beginning - How our bedroom looks like previously and why the need for a change.
Chapter 2 - The Colours - The theory of colours and how we used Dulux Visualizer to picture it before painting.
Chapter 3 ~ Choosing the Right Paint - Learning the different products that suit our needs and be a savvy shopper!

~ Onsite Inspection & Consultation ~

After setting our minds on the colours and product, nothing beats having the Dulux Colour Consultants to drop by our house and give their professional advice.

One look at our bedroom walls, the consultants immediately identified it was undergoing an alkali attack. While multiple wipes might help to ease the effect, another alternative will be to apply a sealant base before applying the paint coat.

Coming back to our colour selection, I shared with the consultants my preference of having a combination of a darker shade of blue with grey for our bedroom. Blue is a colour that seeks peace and tranquility which helps in promoting physical and mental relaxation. Grey, on the other hand is a practical and dependable colour which tones down the stronger shades.

The master bedroom is a quiet space where Hubby and I can rest after a hard day's work. Hence, we preferred our room to be relaxing, soothing and calm. As I shared that Lakemount Blue was my favourite pick, the Dulux Colour Consultants suggested the colour may be too vibrant and recommended Soaring Eagle instead.

Personally, I thought it was great to hear an honest opinion from the professionals instead of abiding to the customers. Without further hesitation, we decided to head their advice and go with the following colour scheme! Soaring Eagle and Grey Star.  Am LOVING it Already!

Apart from making a crucial decision on the colours, we also discussed which coat of coloured paint goes on which side of the walls. It was a fruitful 30 minutes consultation session. Most importantly, I feel good, confident and assured that the colours will turn out great.

~ The Paint Job ~

A Week Later...... Our scheduled paint service is about to commence. One final look at our bedroom before it receives a new coat of paint!

Just like little children waiting to receive their results, we waited in anticipation for the Dulux painters to arrive with our lovely coats of Dulux Wash & Wear paints! .... And here they are!

To avoid creating stains/mess on our flooring, our friendly Dulux painters lined a protective layer of plastic sheet from the gate to our bedroom. Gladys thought it was fun and imagined it as a river path where she jumped from one end to the other side.

Painting a room is not as easy and simple as we thought, particularly for a unit where you have existing furniture and furnishing. Before applying a fresh coat of paint, there are a lot of preparation work to be done.

Within the hour, the Dulux painters
- lined the flooring
- assisted to shift the furniture away from the walls
- covered the doors, windows, bed, wardrobe, air-condition unit etc with newspaper or plastic sheet.
- fill the gaps/cracks on the walls with plaster filler

Now, it's time to PAINT! To protect our walls from undergoing another alkali attack, a coat of sealant was applied. For those who have experience painting sealant, the task was more daunting due to the strong odour. Nevertheless, the Dulux professionals completed it in a swift.


While the painters were having their deserving rest, we put on their caps and had some fun shots on our own. Loving their dark blue caps and I can't wait for the shade of blue to be on our walls!

First coat of Soaring Eagle went up smoothly after lunch! I thought it looked vintage. Since Soaring Eagle is a darker shade, it is only painted on one side of the wall to avoid the entire room from feeling too domineering.

For the remaining walls, Grey Star illuminates the space and gives the room stability, creating a sense of calmness and composure.

After hours of hard work, the paint job is complete! The children were amazed how different our room looked in half a day! I adore the colour combination and am extremely happy with the New Look!

While waiting for the paint to dry, which will take another 2 hours, the Dulux painters removed all the protective coverings and helped to shift the furniture back in place before leaving. Everything was rolled into a ball which Gladys had fun kicking around with.

I'm extremely satisfied with the professional advice and painting service from Dulux. Here's why.

- Pre-paint site inspection where the condition of our walls are assessed.
- Sincere professional advice from the friendly Dulux Colour Consultants who listen to our needs and provide reliable recommendations.
- Professional care for our furniture and belongings in the painting process.
- Good workmanship from the painters who consistently asked if we are satisfied with the paint job.
- Final touch up giving us greater assurance.
- 1 year warranty for *paint defects (* Terms & conditions apply)
- After the paint job is complete, Dulux follows up with their customers a satisfaction call. (I just received a feedback call from them yesterday!)

As a customer, it is important to feel the sincerity, assurance and professionalism coming from the service provider. The entire process was fuss free and pleasant.

If you are planning to paint your room/home, Dulux is having a promotion now for all paint jobs till 15 February 2015! Click on this link to learn more about Dulux Painting Service.

BPDGTravels readers can enjoy additional $30 off painting packages. Just quote "BT550when you call 6265 0677.

Our bedroom makeover is not over yet! It is time to redecorate and accessorize our bedroom! Stay tune on our final post on how we transformed it into a cozy resting space without having to burst your budget. :)

We are happy to take on Dulux's "A New Colour, A New Experience" challenge together with other 9 bloggers. As our colour journey and transformation is coming to an end, we will be unveiling our room very soon!

You will also stand a chance to win attractive prizes when you vote for the best transformation. If you like our new bedroom, do give us your support when the voting commence from 8 to 14 December 2014. 10 Lucky voters stand a chance to win up to $600 worth of painting and home decoration vouchers each!

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