Thursday, December 18, 2014

~ Get-together at Eighteen Chefs @ The Cathay ~

Eighteen Chefs has built and earned a reputation of "Good People Great Food" through the years. I have long heard about how Chef Benny Se Teo recovered from his drug addiction and started the casual Western restaurant in 2007.

Being the first Singaporean to work at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant in London, he returns, started up the business and employs ex-convicts, providing them opportunity and a non-judgmental environment.

It has been years since my last meet-up with my ex-colleagues and I am thrilled to be dining at Eighteen Chefs for the first time!

Browsing through the menu, I already made up my mind on my pick - Heart Attack Fried Rice with 200 grams of New York Strips :) 

If you like to complete your meal, you can pick your preferred combo.

Combo A - Drinks + Ice-cream ($3.30)
Combo B - Drinks + Soup of the Day ($3.80)
Combo C - Drinks + Soup of the Day + Garlic Bread ($4.80)

I decided to go for Combo B and ordered their home-made ice lemon tea. It was a refreshing drink which is neither too sweet or sour to taste.

Soup of the day - chicken soup. I applaud for the generous slices of chicken meat within and it is pretty palatable.

Heart Attack Fried Rice with New York Strips is one of the recommended dish in the restaurant and I'll recommend it to my friends too as it is really tasty!

Unlike the conventional fried rice, it is darker in colour. I started to ponder and thought it looked like glutinous rice instead. After tasting it, I figured it was probably fried with dark soya sauce. This was how I used to cook my fried rice and I adore the tinge of saltiness. While the looks may not be appealing, do not judge the rice by its cover.

The beef strips stole the limelight of this dish. It was medium rare, nicely cooked and the meat was sweet, juicy and tender! Not forgetting the sauce dip which was absolutely fabulous and appetizing - I'm a garlic lover and the combination of chili, ketchup and chopped garlic suits my taste-buds so well.

My ex-colleague had Aglio Olio with Mushroom Chicken. Based on their feedback, the grilled chicken meat was tender and yummlicious. Aglio Olio was a little oily but the overall taste is delicious.

There are more variety on the menu ranging from noodles to rice items. On the whole, it has been a peaceful and pleasant get-together. I would love to be back again to try out the other signature dishes from Eighteen Chefs in the near future!

Eighteen Chefs
Address: No. 2 Handy Road, #B1-19/20

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