Sunday, September 14, 2014

~ Families For Life Celebrations 2014 @ Singapore Sports Hub ~

13 September 2014 - It was a hot afternoon at the Singapore Sports Hub. We arrived at around 2pm to participate in the Families for Life Celebrations 2014. Unlike the previous years, we did not participate in the Win Free Family tickets contest and hence we were spare from joining the long queues under the scorching sun to collect the tickets.

Denver & Gladys were in their cheery mood as they can't wait to participate in the activities they have spot on earlier. After grabbing our family game passports, we head on to the kayaking station straight away.

Denver registered for the first Kayaking session at 2.45pm. Lucky for us, there is no queue and Denver was able to join the group for the briefing session before heading out into the waters for his very first Kayaking experience.

The entire trip took about 40 minutes as it was a pretty far route. Denver enjoyed kayaking tremendously and it was a great work-out for him. As the minimum age for kayaking is 9 years, Gladys had to give it a miss.

While Denver was kayaking, I brought Gladys to Kallang Wave Mall and queue for the Rock-climbing trial. Despite being early, we were not spared from joining the long queue which took 40 minutes. On a consolation note, at least we were able to wait within the comfort on the air-condition mall that spare us of the frustration and possible heat-stroke. :)   

Gladys put on the safety harness and she is ready to climb!

Hubby and I were impressed with Gladys' fearless aptitude for rock-climbing. She attempted to climb as high as possible before losing her grip. 

Salute to our girl as she is probably the only one in the family who is willing and brave enough to challenge the wall and climb to greater heights. 

Since Gladys just recovered from a fever, we decided to participate in the indoor activities. Singapore Sports Hub Library (located next to Stadium MRT) is a nice place for us rest our feet and take a breather. Unlike the other public libraries, it focuses on sports and active recreation, encouraging public to embrace sports as a healthy lifestyle. 

Within the library, there are video viewing stations, giant chess board, virtual sports stations and kids zone. 

We had fun "kicking" the balls at the Virtual sport stations. The kids also registered and participated in an hour of chess games which left us chatting with friends that we met at the library. :)  

Met Shalny (mommy blogger of and her son, Wyvrn. It was nice to finally meet Shalny in person. Wyvrn is such a darling and lovable boy.

As the sun sets, we headed out to the carnival and pen down our thoughts on what Family Time means to us. This is part of the record-setting event to break the Singapore Book of Records for Largest Logo Made of Message Cards.

Gladys's personal thoughts of what family time means is - A Happy Life

 We joined random games and had fun holding on to each other for 30 seconds.  

Pretty fairy making bubbles for us!

Families carnival is never complete without taking family photo shots together! ^_^ We managed to took a couple after the crowd has dispersed in the evening. 

Thank you Families For Life for hosting the family carnival over the weekend. While improvements can be made on the collection of tickets and managing the queue for games, it was a great effort to put this event up for the public. We continue to look forward for more family activities in 2015. ^_^

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