Saturday, September 7, 2013

~ 3D2N Trip to Johor Bahru - Monday Pasar Malam @ KSL City ~

The Monday night market near KSL City @ Johor Bahru never bores us! We are so familiar with this sight that missing the local food here just doesn't feels right, even at the expense of squeezing through the crowd.

Our favourite carrot cake stall always have a long queue of customers waiting to 'tabao' (packet) their sweet radish cake stir-fried with eggs and dark soya sauce. I love its extra sweetness and lots of eggs inside the carrot cake.

We had a new discovery along the way. This mobile stall sells really delicious Penang Laksa and Chendol! We could not resist the taste of the rice vermicelli within the thick asam soup and ordered another bowl. Nothing beats having a bowl of cooling chendol to beat the heat of the authentic Penang laksa. We will definitely be back here again.

From afar, we can smell the irresistible fragrance emerging from the satay sticks as they are being cook. Dipping the grilled meat, onions, cucumbers and ketupat (rice cakes) into the spicy peanut sauce is heavenly.

Since we could not finish tasting all our favourite local delights, we decided to bring them back to the hotel for supper and have our own late night food tasting, drinking session while enjoying the TV programs at the comfort of our room.

There's always something new to try and revisiting our favourite food stalls when we are here. We are planning to be back again soon and awaiting more surprises that we missed.

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