Tuesday, January 24, 2012

~ River Hongbao 2012 ~

Event Period: 21st Jan. 2012 to 29th  Jan. 2012
Opening Hours:Daily: 12:00noon to 11:30pm
Location: The Float @ Marina Bay
Admission is free
It was a rainy evening during our visit to the River Hongbao on CNY eve. The floors are wet and the drizzle has stopped. The evening was cooling with no major crowd seen at the event (probably due to the showers earlier).

We've been here numerous times as it always brings out the festive mood with the pretty lightings and deco.

Phoenix, birds, fish, dragons, lions are commonly found in every year's River Hongbao.

The lanterns are handcrafted by Chengdu lantern masters.

Since it is the Year of Dragon, River Hongbao also showcase the 9 sons of the Dragons. In Chinese mythology, the dragon has nine sons and each of them had a strong personality. Their images could always be found on ancient Chinese buildings and ancient Chinese weapons and vessels. Very interesting if you take a close look at these lanterns. :)

The main highlight of every River Hongbao is the God of Fortune. This year, we have the Martial God of Wealth (武财神) for the very first time instead of the usual fortune god that we often see.

As always, the Chinese 12 horoscopes is not to be miss as everyone wishes to take a picture with their own signs and a peek of their fortune for the new year.

There are also food streets, carnivals and stalls to let you experience the chinese culture on this CNY. 

Happy Lunar New Year! May everyone has a prosperous and healthy year ahead!

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