Thursday, December 1, 2011

~ Woodlands Waterfront ~

Woodlands Waterfront - another park and playground that we would like to explore with our kiddos soon.

Located in the northern side of Singapore with a 1.5km long waterfront promenade, refurbished jetty and a park, we can jog, cycle, fish and participate in all kinds of recreational activities. Woodlands Waterfront is also linked to Admiralty Park and 25km Northern Explorer Park Connector Network. Check out the NParks Website.

There are a lot of ropes in the Children's playground making it challenging and exciting for those who are adventurous and loves to climb. For the younger kiddos, you are not forgotten. There is a also a mini play area just for you.

Taking a stroll along the Jetty offers a great view of Johor Bahru skyline!

Would love to bring our kiddos to explore the park again and maybe have a look at the skyline in the night. :)

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