Monday, December 5, 2011

~ Penning our Wishes for the New Year! ~

The Wishing Spheres are floating on the Marina Bay Waterfront once again! Last year, we wrote our wishes down along Marina Bay. Read our story here:

This year, Denver and Gladys knew exactly what the little white balls are, that are floating around the waterfront and are extremely eager to write their wishes down! In fact, everyone is invited to pen their wishes and hope for the New Year and we'll be seeing these 20,000-signed floating spheres, bearing the wishes of Singaporeans and visitors, lighting up the bay during Marina Bay Countdown 2012 - the Bay of Hope & Light coming Dec 31st!

BPDGTravels penned our wishes down at Marina Bay City Gallery.

The plastic, non-biodegradable spheres came in 3 different sizes - Large, Medium and Small. Its interesting to see what are on our kiddos wish list for the New Year. Denver wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Singapore to be a cleaner and greener city. Wooo.. Our little princess on the other hand hopes to be a dancer! Maybe we should consider signing her up for dance classes next year! ^_^

If you are interested to write your wishes down on the spheres for the New Year, look out for the 24 wishing stations that are located island-wide! Including shopping malls, libraries, Singapore Visitors Centre, The URA Centre, Marina Bay City Gallery etc.

We spotted volunteers, wearing orange cap along Orchard Road, pro-actively initiating more people to join in and express their wishes. Denver & Gladys penned down for the 2nd time sending more season greetings and hope to everyone! Kudos to the volunteers who have been so kind and patient, holding on to the little spheres for our kiddos under the hot sun!

I'm sure we will be seeing more of these spheres around the neighbourhood, so do keep a look out for them and be part of the spectacular Countdown for 2012 at Marina Bay! We may not be physically at the Bay for the countdown event, but the wishing spheres filled with our little wishes will be floating there in our place. ^_^ Looking forward to a New Year!

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