Saturday, October 8, 2011

~ Forest Adventure @ The Centerpoint ~

It's Children's Day! We took Denver and Gladys to the Forest Adventure Mobile Course at The Centerpoint. Thanks to the complimentary vouchers, our kiddos are able to take part. There are nine stages of obstacles to complete including walking over the moving platforms, ropes, ladder, suspension bridges, logs, nets etc.

It looked pretty challenging to me, but Denver & Gladys were so excited to join, not knowing what they are heading into. ^_^

The children putting on their safety gear and are ready to go!

Obstacle 1 & 2 - Climbing up the stairs, making their first step onto the moving platform.

I think Gladys started feeling scared and regretted coming up. Nevertheless, she had the will and determination to complete the obstacle course. Thumbs Up! The wobbly moving platform daunted the kids a bit but upon making their first step, it was manageable.

Obstacle 3 - Crossing the net

This was easy and they moved swiftly across.

Gladys had difficulties with the next few obstacles as it gets more & more challenging. She wasn't willing to move forward and cross the ladder, causing a queue to form behind her. With continuous assurance and encouragement, our little princess finally took courage and moved on. YEAH!

Obstacle 4 - Who put the ladder here?!!

Obstacle 5 & 6 - Conquering the logs!

Logs! Denver & Gladys don't like the looks of it. :) Especially the swinging wooden logs (the most challenging obstacle course) that sways back and forth. With the help of Daddy and a helpful staff holding onto the wood and bringing it closer to them to step foot on, they made it across safely.

Gladys has been screaming away on a couple of occasions, attracting some curious onlookers to check on what happened. Opps. :p Although she was afraid, she did not get off the course halfway.
Obstacle 6 and 7 - Back to moving platforms

Denver finds the logs difficult too. Still, the children moved through it and here comes the ropes.
Obstacle 8 - Ropes

Denver has been doing well with slow and steady steps to guide him through each and every stop. Gladys on the other hand (& feet) must be feeling tired and needing Daddy's help.
Obstacle 9 - Net Wall

This is Gladys' favourite and it may also be the reason motivating her to complete the entire Forest Adventure. :)


It has been a great work-out! Apart overcoming their own fear, it also stimulates their brain to access and think on how they should move, and what step to take in order to reach the safety point. Denver and Gladys got an ice-cream from Daddy for being so determine and brave.

The Forest Adventure will be at The Centerpoint till this Sunday. Check out the details if you wish to let your kiddos have a try -

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