Monday, March 28, 2011

~ Earth Hour 2011 coverage on TNP & Shin Min ~

Our previous blog post on the Earth Hour has given us an opportunity to be featured on The New Paper on Sunday for the very first time. Many Thanks to Linette for dropping us a note and giving my family a chance to appear on the papers. Thank you Gavin for the photo-takings and Shi-an for the phone interview. It has been an unforgettable experience for all of us.
My colleague later told me that we were also featured on Shin Min Ri Bao and we managed to find a similar article online.

Most importantly, through this event, hopefully it has created more public awareness and more families, homes and offices will continue the effort to this movement even after the Earth Hour has ended.


LAM said...

Dear Heng Family,

I happened to come across ur blog while looking for the Sentosa Flowers 2011 infos.

Since then, I will pop by to read the blog whenever I am free.

Thumbs up for the almost weekly update! I really admire 2 working parents able to squeeze in their precious time with the children with almost every weekend outings & their effort to update the blog...


I have a boy coming a year old, which I also try to follow ur trend of bringing him out weekly. It is tough as need to jugle house work during the weekend as well, but I will try...

For the Earth hour, I read ur earlier blog & the Straits Times & I didn't notice they were u guys...

Guess the World is really small, I must apologize my thoughts that when I see the Straits Times, I thought those environment to play games were bad for the kids' eyes.

But when I see your latest blog, I believe it was a very sincere effort in saving the Earth... WELL DONE to save the EARTH plus ur never fail, weekly family event!!!

Warmest Regards,

Phoebe said...

Dear Lam,

Many thanks for your most candid thoughts! Initially we were doing some simple housework, playing with the torchlights and my kids started roaming around the house feeling bored. :)

We started playing Scrabble towards the end of the Earth Hour and hopefully the 10-15mins play time has not been too bad for their eyes. It has indeed been an experience for them to let them understand how important to have lights around us and I hope the children will learn to appreciate the things around them more.

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