Saturday, January 8, 2011

~ 1 Day Trip to Malaysia ~

29th Dec 2010 - It has been 5 years since we last visited the Ostrich farm in Desaru. ( Our final trip for 2010 is driving up to the Ostrich farm again... but this time with Gladys who has never been to the farm before.

The ticket prices have increased by RM 4 from Adult - RM8, Child - RM4 to RM12 and RM 8 respectively. Opening hours is from 10am-6pm.

The environment is still pretty much the same as how I remembered it 5 years ago. Some of the ostriches roam around the farm freely and you can see the baby ostriches at various development stages.

Upon entering, there is a briefing by the farm attendent to learn more about the ostriches. Visitors can stand on the Ostrich egg and take a picture to witness that it can withstand the heavy weight of an adult without breaking.

For RM1 each, Denver & Gladys get to feed the Ostriches. As the Ostriches pulled the vegetables pretty hard during feeding, the kids tend to drop the feed on the ground. Nevermind, just pick it up and feed them again. :)

Gladys needing a little bit help from Daddy to complete her feeding task. :)

For RM 15, you can also enjoy an Ostrich Ride plus a photo taken and printed on a certificate to signify that you have ridden on an Ostrich. Haha :) The kiddos welcomed the challenge and sat on the Ostrich without giving much thoughts.

After all the knowledge sharing, feeding and riding sessions, we bought 2 sticks of Ostrich satays and a plate of Ostrich omelet from the Surf & Turf Restaurant (which is situated next to the farm). The taste wasn't as bad as I thought and there are also other selection of food from the menu.

We left the Ostrich farm and drove down to Ulu Tiram - Today's Mall. It is a fairly new "shopping" mall but alas there isn't many shops open at all.

The entire mall looks empty to me and there is a lot of parking space. The main attraction to visit Today's Mall is to go to the Tiram Indoor Water Park. It is the first indoor water themed park in Johor, decorated with paintings of sea animals, plants and there are water slides and a 26,000 sq ft pool area. We didn't enter the water park today but maybe next time when we are ready. :)

Tiram Indoor Water Park
LG 75, Lower Ground Floor , Today's Mall, Jalan Kota Tinggi
81800 Ulu Tiram , Johor.

Apart from the Indoor water park, there is also bumper cars, a mini jumping castle on the same floor. Unfortunately, the bumper cars ride may not be suitable for younger children as the speed and impact is too great them to control. Hubby got bumped onto his knee and Denver hit his front tooth which caused some bleeding.

Exploring around the complex, there is an arcade center, SUPERSTAR Cinema, a haunted house and Giant supermart. Today's mall looks like a simple leisure mall instead of a shopping complex. It would have been an attraction if more variety of shops are open that will bring the crowd in.

* Not to mention we can't even find many eating outlets within the Mall to fill our stomach. Awweeeee.. :(

We left Today's Mall shortly and headed on to AEON Tebrau City Shopping Centre which is just a few km ahead. This is definitely a more decent shopping mall with Jusco, cinema, fashion outlets, resturants etc.

We shopped around and bought some new shirts for the kids before driving back to Singapore in the evening. It is actually not a bad idea to just drive in for a day and enjoy the food, shopping and scenery in JB. :) (i.e. exclusive of the massive traffic jam you might experience at the causeway) ^_^

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