Friday, November 5, 2010

~ Past Holiday Experiences 10 - Hong Kong May 2007 (Day 4 - Part 1) ~

3rd June - Day 4 : After having a good night rest from our day trip to Macau, we are going to Po Lin Monastery (寶蓮禪寺) today. The weather is great and we enjoyed the scenic view of Hong Kong while taking the MTR ride to Lantau Island. Like Singapore, land is scarce and expensive in Hong Kong and hence you can see many high rise buildings.

Upon reaching Tung Chung MTR station (Exit B),  we took bus no. 23 to Ngong Ping. I believe the ride took about 45 to 50 mins to reach the top.  Even though it is not our first visit to the Po Lin Monastery, the majestic view of the seated Giant Buddha is still magnificent whether you view it from below or from the top.

I tried to count the number of steps as I make my climb up to the Buddha. Somehow, I always get distracted and lost count. According to wiki, visitors need to climb 268 steps to reach the Buddha. While the older folks are seen climbing these stairs continuously and without panting or perspiring,  I found myself taking short breaks and having difficulty making my way up. Hahaha..真没用. Poor Hubby had to carry Gladys all the way up and he felt so exhausted. :p

Nevertheless, the climb was worth it as we were rewarded with a panoramic scenic view. Breathing in the fresh air, looking at the misty sky as if I can touch the clouds and enjoying the morning breeze.

Making our way down is definitely a much easier task compared to going up. :) The only 'problem' is my legs are a bit wobbly by now. Hahaha. Nearby, there are some very old shops selling assorted souveniors, toys, fruits and food. We love to eat the 豆花 made by the locals which is extremely smooth and yummy.

We had a little walk through the Ngong Ping Village which is next to the cable car terminal. There are retail shops, dining options and a few attractions within village. (e.g. Monkey's Tale Theatre, Walking with Buddha etc).

Ngong Ping Skyrail

Earlier we took a bus ride up to Ngong Ping, now we are taking the cable-car ride down to Tung Chung. A final view at the Buddha and waving good bye.


LuPorTi said...

I like the final photo. It gives me a special feeling, don't know how to describe.

Phoebe said...

Thanks! We took a lot of photos back then. I picked only a few that I like to post :)

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