Friday, September 10, 2010

~ Singapore Expo ~

The Singapore Expo (新加坡博览中心) is Singapore's largest Convention & Exhibition Centre. There are 10 large multi-purpose halls where many meetings, trade fairs, exhibitions, concerts etc are held. It is located in the eastern side of Singapore and is easily accessible. The nearest MRT station is @ Expo.

Singapore Expo
1 Expo Drive, #01-01
Singapore 486150

For those who are driving, there is an open carpark in front and behind the Expo. However, in major exhibitions or sales events, it will be challenging to find a parking lot.

We often visit the Singapore Expo whenever there are fairs like Metro, John Little, Robinson, IT (Sitex, Comex), Electronics and Food fair etc. There are many events held throughout the year and it is usually crowded during the weekends especially if there are sales. Food fair is one of our favourite as we can eat and drink the samples from different stalls.

Outside the convention halls, there are resturants and foodcourt where public can grab a bite, have a drink and take a rest. Check out the event calendar to see what are the on-coming sales before making a trip down to the Singapore Expo.


Ken Wooi said...

the hall looks very big =)

Phoebe said...

Yup. it is very big and there are many such halls of this size at the Expo :)

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