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~ Past Holiday Experiences 9 - Taiwan Oct-Nov 2005 (Day 4 and 5) ~

30th Oct - Day 4: We took an early train from Hualien to Yilan and will be staying for 1 night at the 宜蘭香格里拉休閒農場 Shangrila Leisure Farming.

I am looking very forward to our farm stay because the website has so many interesting things to see and do around Shangrila. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been kind. It has been raining for the entire day and night as soon as we arrived. Awwww.. :( As we need to carry Denver around and make sure he doesn't falls sick, we didn't venture out and only walked within the premises.

The good thing is there is little things and details around the farm that brings us warm in the cold weather. We are welcomed by big soapy containers with big rings to make Big Bubbles! Denver loves that very much and spent quite a fair bit of time playing with it! Even I had fun too cos this is also my first time making big bubbles.

After lunch, we took the brollies and went to have a look at their fruit farm. The air here is really refreshing and the view from the top is great. This is what a tour is like - relaxing and comforting. I am sure there is much more to do if it is not for the rain. Shangrila offers activites like making 天灯,草编,陀螺, printed T-shirts and other handicrafts.

Shangrila at night is very romantic. The lighting, quietness and cool weather relaxes the body and mind. It is a pity I didn't take more photos then due to the rain.

31st Oct - Day 5: Our room is spacious and comfortable. Lushing green trees and blue sky welcomes us as we look out from our balcony.

Did you notice any similarities in the photos? Denver's signature action whenever we take photos of him - placing his finger on his cheeks, tilting his head a bit and SMILE. So CUTE!

It was still rainy when we are checking out of Shangrila. Taking some more pictures before we leave the farm.

Bye Bye to Yilan! It is a pity that we did not have the chance and time to explore more of it's beauty. We are taking the train back and spending the rest of the days touring Taipei.


We checked in back to Paradise Hotel and went out to explore the streets of Taipei on our own. For a start, we went to the 台北海洋館. (Note: Due to insufficient funds to maintain the Sea World, it has been closed since 1st Sept 2007)

There are some mini rides outside the Sea World.

Denver was a big fan of NEMO and he has been watching it repeatedly over 50 times at least! I was even able to remember all the characters by heart. Hence, going to the Sea World is probably an eye opener for him.

 Sharks! Which is the real one??

There is also a corner set aside for children to 'scoop' some fishes out using their nets.

I was not aware that the Sea World was closed until I went to google and find out by chance. I recall there isn't many people at all when we visited. Probably that is the reason for it's closure. It is a pity and I hope the marine animals have settled down in their new home.

Later in the night, we went back to Shilin Night Market to sample the food around. There are so many to choose from and we do get into a situation on not knowing what to buy? What a Happy Problem. :)

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