Sunday, July 11, 2010

~ Night Safari ~

Last Saturday, Hubby and I took my US lead to visit the Night Safari. It was our first visit to the night zoo as well and the children are very excited. :)

It was raining earlier in the afternoon and luckily the rain stopped in the evening. Our family purchased the Park Hopper 3-in-1 (Admission only) for $45 (adults) and $28 (Child). That will entitle us to visit the Singapore Zoo, Bird Park and the Night Safari.

The Night Safari is opened till 12 midnight and there are 2 shows. (Tribal Dance Performance and Creatures of the Night). There are also tram ride to the east and west loop and 3 walking trails (Fishing Cat, Leopard and Forest Giant Trails)... so it is good to plan ahead your itinerary around the zoo.

We reached the Night Safari at around 7pm and managed to catched a bit of the Tribal dance performance before heading off to queue for the Tram ride. A lot of people have already formed a queue at the Tram station...fortunately there are many trams going around and we waited for about 15mins before hopping on.

The sun has set and it was getting dark. Our guide adviced us no flash photography so as not to blind the animals. We'll just need to sit back, keep our eyes and ears open and enjoy the tram route as it takes us to observe the different nocturnal animals from all parts of the world. :)

The tram route will take us to eight geographical regions. (Himalayan Foothills, Nepalese River Valley, Indian Subcontinent, Equatorial Africa, Indo-Malayan Region, Asian Reverine Forest, South American Pampas and Burmese Hillside). As the journey begins, we travelled on the EAST loop first before continuing with the WEST loop. We saw many animals along the ride. Greater Asian Rhino, water buffalos, hyenas, wolves, tigers, elephants, hippos are some of my favourites. :) Some of the animals are so close that you feel that you can almost touch them.
As we ventured through the forest, it was really dark and we can smell the trees and hear the crickets. Denver and Gladys said that they are scared.. hehehe.. The entire tram ride took about half an hour. We alighted and queued up for the 8:30pm - "Creatures of the Night" show. There was already an even longer queue forming. It is a must watch show and main attraction in Night Safari.

Spider mascot roaming around while we are waiting. :) Standing in the queue for 25mins and carrying Gladys is definitely tiring so I am super glad to be able to find a seating as we entered. All ready for the show to start!

Part 1
Part 2

The show was GREAT and entertaining! Especially like the part when the Big snake came out. At the end of the performance, we even bought a pair of soft toys for the kiddos at $22.

Counted ourselves lucky that we catch the earlier show as the queue for 9:30pm show is extremely long!! Triple the length when we queued! Oh my! I wonder how long they'll need to wait.

9.05pm - We started our walking trails in the Night Safari beginning with the Forest Giants Trail. We crossed a mini suspension bridge, spotted some Hyenas, Buffalos along the way before reaching the Leopards Trail. As it was really dark and we didn't use the flashes, hence I wasn't able to take good photos of the animals that we saw along the way. :( Gladys was tired and scared of walking in the dark.. so Hubby and I took turns to carry her throughout our journey.

We took a short break, had some drinks at the EAST lodge - Z'bar before continuing. Leopards, Otters, Squirrel, Porcupines are just some of the animals that we observed. I was kinda dissapointed that we didn't manage to spot the Tarsiers. :( I was hoping to be able to see them in the night cos when we saw them in the Philippines (Bohol), it was day time. Still, the Mangrove Walk is great! Bats were flying past me and seeing them lunching on the bananas was so cool!

Flying fox, Indian Gharial, Deer Mouse, Marsh birds, Pangolins are just some of the animals at the Fishing cat trail. We took more than an hour to complete the walking trail and all of us are very tired by now. It was a unique experience at the Night Safari and visitors really need to pay attention, keep their ears and eyes open to see, hear, smell and feel the beauty within the zoo.


Anonymous said...

wow! i can see that you and family had a good time! love those pictures :)

Phoebe said...

Yes.. it has been fun and tiring :D
More to come.. hehehe.. do visit again!

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