Sunday, June 13, 2010

~ Jieyang-Chaozhou (揭阳-潮州) - Day 3 (Part 1) ~

3rd June - Day 3 and we are leaving Jieyang to Chaozhou today. Breakfast at the hotel was bad. Not sure what happened... by 715am there isn't any food yet. -__- Even by 8am, not all the dishes are served. The variety was also very minimal. Still, I managed to grab some bread, eggs and noodles to keep my stomach full..

Group photos before leaving Temeisi Hotel.

After completing our visits to the relatives, the subsequent days are left for touring around. We headed down to 潮州 and our first stop is 湘子桥 (广济桥).





This is a historical bridge with various interesting facts and myths. Unfortunately, it has been raining and we can only admire it with the raindrops. Tourist can choose to enter the bridge and walk on the 18 boats that makes the link to cross over the other side by paying an entrance fee of 60 yuan (~12.5 SGD). We didn't opt to do so since it was still rainy and it's a bit pricy for all the 10 of us to go! ($125SGD)!

Taking photos in the rain is another experience we had on this trip as it has been rainy most of the time so far. Gladys seems to be enjoying herself, taking her umbrella all the time and having her pink jacket on. The view should have been much better if not for the gloomy weather.

After getting drenched in the rain, it's time for some shelter and warm tea. We headed to a local shop specializing in selling Chaozhou's delights and food products. We bought a few boxes of goodies and that was our first buy so far.

This is known to be good for the eyes. Did I mention Denver & Gladys loves drinking Chinese Tea? Throughout the trip, they have been enjoying the various tea being served during our meals. :) 

After visiting a few shops, we went to 开元寺 and tour around.

Since morning, the rain doesn't seems to be interested to stop and rest. So, we can only confine ourselves for more photo-taking.

Today's lunch is a bit special as we'll be having our meal in a vegetarian resturant. This is the first time the kiddos are having vegetarian meal. The dishes looked very interesting but the children simply cannot appreciate the taste. LoL... They EEeeek and Yuuuck at the unique flavour and skip the meal this time round. Bread of snacks are more appealing to them.

Jieyang-Chaozhou - Day 3 (Part 2) to be continued....

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