Thursday, February 18, 2010

~ Universal Studios Singapore - Preview (Part 2) ~

Ancient Egypt - This is the more 'eerie' land where Denver starts to get jittery. He do not want to take pictures with the serious and fierce looking street performers who are walking on stilts and dressed in ancient Egyptian costume. They will not smile and come to you very fast, standing tall before you and look straight in your eyes.

Gladys seems to take it very well though, not sure if it's because Mommy is with her, she is too young to understand or if she is the braver one?
Gladys looks so cute in the Egyptian hat!

It definitely looked more eerie in the night... But I must say it's also probably the best time to visit this land at this time too. The mystic feel of ancient Egypt is most felt after the sun sets.

After leaving the ancient times, we are being brought forward quickly to the modern and futuristic stage at Sci-Fi City!! This is where the roller coaster rides are situated.

Well, even though the actual rides are not operational, the children get a feel by sitting in the demo coaster ride seat.
New York, New York! Experience the night life of Amercia's grandest city! The streets are filled with music and decorated with Neon lights. By now, the dining areas are filled with crowd and we have already been walking for almost 3 hours now and with only 45mins left before closure time.

We are finally back to Hollywood again!
I like this shop as we can try on the different types of hats and take pictures. ^_^

This is really the place for Gladys. The mini stage is all hers as you see her dancing, running and jumping with the music!
Before leaving USS, we have to make our final visit to the Universal Studios store which is the largest among all lands. It is a one-stop station where you can find all kinds of souveniors and gifts representing all the 7 zones.

We wave goodbye to USS and finally make our exit. As expected, there is a crowd already queueing at the monorail station. It was a long journey back home and all of us are exhausted!

We had fun and I'm sure we'll be back! Till we meet again. ^_^

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