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Cedar Point Food Court (食得福美食中心) | JB City | Eat In Johor Bahru

Cedar Point Food Court (食得福美食中心) is our favourite food centre in Johor Bahru. Whenever we have cravings for local delicacies, this is the place to go. After so many years, we are still very fond of the variety of food choices, taste & flavour and economic pricing.

Tucked next to Grand Paragon Hotel and only minutes walk away from KSL shopping mall, Cedar Point Food Court is also very popular among locals and tourists.

Check out our video for some of the stalls we go to frequently

Our favourite picks

Tampoi Satay: The most famous pork satay in town since 1972. Sweet and tender meat dipped into a delicious mix of peanut sauce enhance the flavour of the meat. We always order beef, pork and mutton flavour.

Hong Kee BBQ Chicken Wing: Hubby often order this as he likes chicken wings. We used to packet some to munch along the way but now its best to have it served warm on the spot. Ikan Bakar Sin Kee: We have tried many ikan bakar in Johor and this is still our favourite. Not overly spicy and the meat is juicy and fresh. We always come back whenever we have craving for stingray. Sugarcane drink is my must order when I am at the food centre. Super big cup enough for 2-3 to share.

Sentosa Rojak: Tasty rojak with a selection of different ingredients. Might be a bit pricy for RM20 for the locals though.

(Not in this video but we still love the food) - Meng Fang Kway Teow Kia (Opens in the morning) - Ipoh Fried Kueh Teow - Century Curry Fish Head - 77 Curry Fish Head

Check out our post in 2018!

While pricing has increased from before, this is still one of our favourite food hunt.

Cedar Point Food Court (食得福美食中心)
Address: 10, Jalan Musang Bulan, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Visited: Dec 2022

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