Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Suparakki Ramen (幸运拉面) - Ramen Bowl under $10

Am super excited to see Suparakki Ramen opening its 4th and newest outlet at Heartland Mall (Kovan)! This ramen shop is introduced to us by our boy who has heard many good reviews that it serves delicious ramen at an affordable price! 

Suparakki means 'Super lucky' in Japanese and hopes customers feel the luck with each bowl of goodness.

We had our first Suparakki Ramen bowl at the Yishun outlet which has very limited seating but comfortable. Though it feels a little cramp (due to our bigger sizes), I like the homely feel and decor which makes me feel like having a meal at an authentic Japanese ramen stall.

Suparakki Ramen (Yishun Outlet)

My first Suparakki Ramen Bowl

Suparakki Ramen (Kovan Outlet)

The newer outlet at Heartland Mall has more seating and is brighter and more spacious with a bit of cafe ambiance. Long queues were formed and be prepared for some waiting time. *PS: This was in April before stricter covid measures were implemented

Menu is pretty simple - mainly 6 ramen bowls to choose from

Dry Truffle Ramen - $6.90

Supa Signature Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

Tonkotsu Gyokai Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

Tonkotsu Black Garlic Ramen (Spicy/non-Spicy) - $8.90

White Devil Ramen (Very Spicy) - $9.90

The pork base soup broth is thick with bold and rich flavour boiled over many hours without adding MSG. Price of a #ramenbowl is about $7.90 and you can top up about $5 for a set (side + drink) - Definitely value for money.

Our Ramen bowls orders

Portion is decent and I really love the broth and the delectable taste. This is definitely one of our top Ramen place to be in Singapore where we can enjoy a delicious bowl at an affordable price for our family.

 Suparakki Ramen (幸运拉面)
Yishun Outlet:
North Point City (South Wing) #B2-154, Singapore 769098

Citylink Outlet:
Citylink (3rd Shop from City Hall MRT) #B1-65 Singapore 039393

Kovan Outlet (24 Hours):
Heartland Mall #01-133 Main Entrance

Westgate Outlet:
3 Gateway Drive #B2-03 Singapore 608532

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