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Let's Go Tour – Sustainability in Fish Farming @ Qian Hu Fish Farm

During the December School Holidays, we embarked on numerous nature and learning walks. After the experiential tour at Kampung Lorong Buangkok - Singapore's Last Kampung, we hop on another Edu-Tainment Story-Telling Walking Tour led by Let's Go Tour Singapore - this time taking us to Qianhu Fish Farm

Our meetup point - Qian Hu Cafe
Resting point where you can get some drinks and snacks

Definitely happy to meet our guide - Yap once again. It is a pleasure sitting with him in the 'countryside classroom' and hearing him sharing with us interesting fun facts and importance of sustainable farming.

Do you know?

How many reservoirs and kelongs are there in Singapore?

How many % agriculture contributed to the GDP of Singapore? 

How many % of local fish produce?

In modern Singapore, as many of our heritage trades are slowly being gentrified due to the progress in time. One of the surviving trade is agriculture and farming. To maximise land utilisation, village farming has been phased out and replaced by commercial mass scale farming. This also means the changing landscape of jobs and occupation from manual labour to technology-enabled. 

During the tour, Yap also shares with us how important technology helps in sustainable fish farming and how Qian Hu has adopted the use of technology and innovations to stay relevant and competitive in the ever-evolving society. 

Qian Hu is a leader in the global ornamental fish industry. With more than 30 years of legacy, it is the biggest exporter of ornamental fish supplying fishes from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Indonesia. 

In early 2017, Qian Hu ventured into aquaculture with pilot project in Wenchang, Hainan Province of China to breed and farm antibiotic-free edible fish fingerlings. They continue to innovate and is renowned for its expertise in cutting-edge R&D, proprietary fish feed and medication. Currently dealing with more types of edible fish such as Groupers, Sand Corby (commonly known as Soon Hock) 

I can't recall when was the last time we have been to Qian Hu but it definitely looks bigger than before. We got to have a look around the fish farm to check out the various zones.

House of Dragon - A very majestic name as it houses the beautiful and elegant Arowanas (also known as dragon fish). Many believe that the fish brings good luck and wealth and some species fetching a very high price.

Betta Corner  - home to a variety of Betta Fish (also known as Siamese fighting fish).

I recall during my childhood, there are owners who pit their betta fish in gambling matches. The males become aggressive in the presence of other males and flare their fins. I hope they are now kept for ornamental purpose instead.

More fishes at the Fish Gallery and we spent a fair bit of time admiring and spotting interesting breeds.

Somehow this fish reminds me of Megamind. :)

Poso orange rabbit snail

Platinum Alligator Gar - Price at $1388!!

Albino terrapin

Fun activity stop for the little ones. Brings back the good old memories where we use to bring our kiddos for longkang fishing. The joy of holding the nets and scooping the fish into the small tank and setting them free back into the pond.

Fish Spa

Fish feeding

Yap brought us to the back of the farm where access is off limits from the public - This is where the prawns and edible fishes are reared. Unfortunately it was raining and we did not get to see the prawns, presuming that the lot has been harvested. Along the way, Yap shared more interesting fun facts and let us cracked our brains on ponder why there are Pandan leaves at the side of each fish pond.

Pandan leaves are very sensitive to the pH levels of the water- that is to say how acidic or alkaline the water is. If there are significant changes to the pH of the water due to some changes to the environment, such as when the water becomes too acidic, the pandan leaves will react to such changes quickly and start to wilt. This will alert the staff to check before the batch of fishes are affected - ingenious isn't it!

While walking through the warehouse, we were also task to spot an item that does not seem to fit in. Definitely made the seemingly uninteresting walk an opportunity for us to focus on the items on the shelves.

Before the end of the tour, Yap shares further about the roadmap to 30-30 Vision of Singapore. Singapore who imports more than 90% of its food is vulnerable to any external impact or global happenings that impact food supply and safety to the world. The recent Covid-19 episode also shows that Singapore needs to strengthen our food security. Hence the "30 by 30" vision aims to produce 30% of Singapore's nutritional needs locally by 2030. Hence, innovation and continuous R&D is critical in engaging in high-tech fish farming.

The other highlight of the tour has to be the 'fishing' game - specially created by Yap! I must give credit to him to cleverly incorporate what we have learnt about overfishing and sustainable fishing into the game! Even our teens are intrigued and amazed how it linked back to the simple concepts! How is the game played? The only way to find out is to hop onto the tour to find out. 

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