Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Changi Jurassic Mile - Family Date with the Dinosaurs

Changi Jurassic Mile is Singapore's latest and largest permanent outdoor display of 20 life-sized dinosaurs that was launched in early October 2020. It is also part of the newly opened Changi Airport Connector - a 3.5km cycling and jogging path that links Changi Airport to East Coast Park. Since its opening, it has attracted lots of crowd (especially on the weekends) to take selfies/wefies with the pre-historic creatures that stretched along the 1km long Jurassic Mile. 

We decided to hop on the bandwagon and try our luck to visit on a weekday morning during the school holiday. 

How to get there

- If you are taking a public transport (Bus/MRT) and make your way to Changi Airport Terminal 2. 

- If you are driving, park your vehicle at Car Park 2A (Changi Airport Terminal 2)

Pssst: If you do not want to walk to entire 3.5km stretch and just wish to arrive straight to Jurassic Mile, drop off/park your vehicle at Terminal 4 (Car Park 4A) instead.

We took a bus and alighted at the bus stop at T2. From there, we followed the signages leading us towards Hub & Spoke - a nice cafe where visitors can rest their feet and have a meal. If you plan to cycle along the connector, GoCycling @ Hub & Spoke provides you with rentals of bicycles at $8/hour (adult) and $6/hour (children). You can return your bikes at seven other outlets with the nearest at East Coast Park C4. 

Map of Changi Airport Connector

I would think it will be too hot to walk from Changi Airport to East Coast Park under the context of Singapore's weather condition recently (super hot in the mornings and thunderstorm in the afternoons). Walking might be a more pleasant option if is before sun rise or after the sun set. 

We spotted a few SG Bike parked at the lots and decided to give it a go. For those who have tried SG Bike, you would probably know that there are a few 'risks' to bear. The condition of the bicycles - bells not working, seats not adjustable, breaks are not 100% working, plus difficulty in unlocking/locking the bikes at times. Do your checks first before you hop onto one. Alternatively, you may just rent a bicycle with GoCycling for a peace of mind. 

Cute dinosaur directing us to Jurassic Mile

It was a smooth ride on the red path along Airport Boulevard and passing by the ground handling services offices towards T4. We reached the entrance of Changi Jurassic Mile after riding leisurely for about 10 minutes. 

As visitors enter the Dinosaur enclosure, cyclist should dismount and push their bicycles. Unfortunately, we spotted many cyclists still cycle their way past disregarding the rules. Hence, keep safe and watch out for cyclists.

Map of the types of dinosaurs you can expect to see.

Apart from life-sized dinosaurs, there are also info boards sharing interesting notes about the various species of dinosaurs featured at Changi Jurassic Mile. 

More nettings have been fixed up to ensure the safety of visitors (making sure no more golf balls can land in). This may be a neh for phototaking opportunity but definitely a yeah to make sure it is a safe experience for all visitors.


Naughty Velociraptors rampaging on a vehicle.

Who can resist posing with baby T-Rex who just hatched.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is ferocious but that did not deter visitors from getting a close shot with it.

Do not miss out Brachiosaurus who is quenching its thirst by the lake.

Thanks to the tall wall panels that also helped to shade us from the sun which did not made the walk too hot to bear. However, there is no guarantee when it is at noon time where the sunray hits directly to the ground. 

Five colourful baby Pterodactyls. Where are your mummy?



This is my favourite dinosaur and definitely the highlight of the Jurassic Mile for me! Apatosaurus - standing at 5m tall!

The end of the 1km trail

From here, either you wish to continue your walk to East Coast Park or who can make your way back to T4 (Changi Airport). 

We decided to continue our ride to East Coast Park

We spent about $2.50 per bike (~80 minutes) riding from T2 to the entrance of East Coast Park. Dismounted and spent about 40 minutes (half of the journey) at Changi Jurassic Mile. Hence, if you think about the cost it is still pretty affordable. Once you reach East Coast Park, you can choose to ride on further or find the nearest parking lot to park your SG Bike - which may be another $1 to $2 more. We finally found one near a toilet. 

Our cycling experience would have been better if we have better bikes, but it has been rather pleasant. 

1) Travel and wear light. 
Bring bottled drinks to keep yourself hydrated along the way. We brought along some bread too in case we got hungry. 

2) Plan your route. 
Do you plan to walk/scoot/cycle? You can choose to start from T2 or T4 and ends at East Coast or vice versa. If you are cycling, you may wish to start their journey at East Coast Park and cycle to T2, park your bike and continue to walk/shop at Jewel. Alternatively, if you choose the other route, you can choose to ride on further or end your journey at East Coast Park and hop onto a bus to Parkway Parade.

3) Go early (avoid weekends)
It gets really hot in the day and the crowd comes in even at 10am on weekdays. 
Not too sure how is the crowd in the evenings like but I would think the Dinosaurs at Changi Jurassic Mile will look amazing when the night falls. 

Changi Jurassic Mile @ Changi Park Connector

Operates 24 hours daily (Free admission)

As of 2 November 2020, visitors are not required to make a booking to enter Jurassic Mile. Visitors are required to adhere to safe distancing measures.

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