Friday, September 4, 2020

Fruits Delivery Singapore - Review

Time flies... we are into the third quarter of 2020 - a year where the world is plague with Covid-19. While the search and development for the vaccine is still ongoing, we are trying to keep ourselves healthy and well. Staying home more and having healthier meals. 

Honestly, prior to the pandemic, we seldom have fruits in the house. Now, we are more mindful to include them while do our marketing. We are also not experts when it comes to picking fruits - solely based on how they look visually and hope that we are lucky to get the sweeter ones. Hence, I appreciate how fruit delivery service helps in saving us time and more assurance that the fruits are fresh and good.

Best in Singapore has shared the 10 Best Fruits Delivery in Singapore and we are invited to review Fruit Delivery Singapore 

Fruits Delivery Singapore has over 80 varieties of fruits and they aim to bring the best fruits to their customers. Ensuring that the fruits are fresh from the farm, so that customers receive them in the best condition to enjoy its flavour to the fullest.

With over 80 varieties, Fruits Delivery's Website is easy to browse and fresh fruits are classified accordingly by category. 

Check out their weekly specials which features their deals of the week, best sellers and seasonal favourites! Fruity gift sets are also available at various price range to suit different needs and budget.

Browsing through the website, there are exotic fruits and also our all time favourites. What I appreciate is the option to choose the ripeness of some fruits (e.g. bananas, avocado etc). Apart from the whole fruit, there are also cut fruit platters - a convenient option if we do not have the luxury of time to prepare them.

Fruit Delivery Singapore strives to deliver within the stipulated 2 hours time frame. Free delivery for orders above $60 and a $9.70 flat rate delivery for orders lesser than $60. In case your orders arrived late, there will be a $10 off on your next order. We received our orders on time and the fruits are fresh and nicely packed. 

I unwrapped the box and the fruits are chilled, intact and in order. 

Thankful for the little notes on when we should best consume our fruits too.

Fruits Delivery's fruits are sourced from all over the world and are grown by organic farming where pesticides and pesticides containing chemicals are not allowed. Hence, while we note that the pricing of the fruits may appear higher and some are comparable/competitive to those at the supermarket, we are more confident that the fruits delivered are fresh and contain no chemicals nor additives.  

To find out more about the latest amazing deals, best food delivery or top things to do in Singapore, check out Best in Singapore post for more insights.

Fruits Delivery Singapore

Best in Singapore

* Disclosure: This is a collaboration with Best in Singapore and Fruits Delivery Singapore. Food Styling Photos are credited to Owari Photography. Assorted fruits received are complimentary. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. 

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