Monday, September 21, 2020

Freshly Baked Shepherd's Pie Delivery - Shepherd's Pie Singapore

We LOVE Shepherd's Pies but come to think about it, we seldom have the opportunity to savour it unless it is part of the menu on a buffet line or a dish offered in gatherings. Hence, am delighted to know that there are freshly baked shepherd pies that can be delivered to our doorstep whenever we have craving for one. 

Shepherd's Pie Singapore aims to get their baked pies delivered hot from the kitchen. They use premium fresh meat and their meat pies pairs nicely with home-made gravy sauce and hand-whipped creamy mash potato. 

Apart from their signature Shepherd's Pies, Lasagna, Mac 'n' Cheese, Pasta and Pizzas are also offered giving customers more choices to suit individual's preference to complete their meal.

We decided to try some of their mains. Delivery came in pretty on time and our orders are received warm.

What did we ordered?

Signature Beef with Brown Sauce Shepherd’s Pie

Nonna’s Authentic American Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bacon (Real Cheese)

Sienna’s Traditional Lasagna (Triplo Cheese)

This is truly comfort food good to share among our family. Each spoonful is filled with goodness! Stuffed with lots of minced beef and topped with hand-whipped mash potatoes with fresh dairy and cheese.  

Comes in mainly 2 different sizes (Medium - 400g : good for 2-3 person and Massive - 800g : good for 4-5 person) but customized sizes are available as well. Shepherd's Pie is a great dish to share particularly fit for parties.

I love macaroni with cheese particularly so if it comes together with salty crunch of bacon! Would have been perfect if it is creamier. Felt that the macaroni were a bit too dry and a little harder in texture to taste. Still it is pretty cheesy and a lovely choice for children.

Surprise Surprise! Sienna's Traditional Lasagna turns out to be our family's favourite pick! Packed with Mozarella, Cheddar and Ricotta cheese within the hand-rolled lasana sheets and tangy tomato paste. I should have ordered a bigger portion seeing how quickly the plate was cleaned.

Comes in various sizes - from personal tray to family tray fit for 4 to 6

If you are planning for a party or need customized orders, let them know 3 days in advance. Delivery is island wide and FREE for orders above $70 and $7.50 for under $70. 

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Shepherd Pie Singapore

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* Disclosure: This is a collaboration with Best in Singapore and Shepherd Pie Singapore. Food Styling Photos are credited to Owari Photography. Food received are complimentary. All comments and opinions are personal and no monetary compensation was received. 

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